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      Watch yard waste disappear before your eyes with yard vacuums

      High winds, seasonal changes and pop-up storms can leave a lot of debris and organic matter vying for space in your yard, but a yard vacuum from Sears will make it vanish with ease. Yard vacuums are a wonderful way to clear up your yard and collect twigs, leaves and other debris for composting or curbside pickup. Sears sells a variety of yard vacuums, from heavy-duty models on wheels to convertible leaf blowers, so you are sure to find the perfect vacuum to fit your needs.

      Sears can help you find a yard vacuum to fit the size of the task ahead of you. Just as grass shears are great for small projects and trimmers are perfect for the bigger tasks, so can handheld and push vacuums work for your different needs. Sears sells handheld leaf blower/yard vacuum combinations that are great for small projects or simple yard work. These machines are easy to carry and are perfect for routine yard maintenance; they can handle leaves, small twigs and minor debris. If you have a large property with lots of trees, thicker twigs and denser debris, then you might want to consider a Sears Craftsman walk-behind yard vacuum. This push vacuum resembles a lawn mower with an engine mounted on the top. A vacuum scoop on the front and a moveable hose help you cover a lot of ground in a small amount of time. A handy yard collection waste bag completes the ensemble, giving you everything you need to tackle even the most cluttered yard.

      Some yard vacuums, both handheld or push, offer the ability to mulch, shred or chip your lawn collections. If you want to reduce waste and recycle your organic matter, you can use this function to start an earth-friendly compost pile. Or, you can use the mulcher option to help compact your waste more neatly for the garbage man. Sears sells yard waste collection bag attachments to fit many different styles of vacuums so that you can easily transport your collections to the curb or the compost pile.

      While you are at Sears picking out your perfect yard vacuum, dont forget to stock up on other yard care essentials. Hedge trimmers will take care of wayward branches and shoots, while lawn edgers will trim your grass in beautiful straight lines. After you sweep up the mess with your yard vacuum, you can use a basic rake to clear up any bits or pieces left behind. Grab a few yard waste collection bags at Sears to stockpile your trimmings for later use or to make it easier on your trash man. Whether you need a cleaner lawn or a richer compost, let Sears help you find the perfect yard vacuum for your needs.


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