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      Chain saws of every type for every type of cutting job

      Sears carries chain saws of all shapes, sizes and power levels. It's easy for homeowners to get just what they want at prices that they need. Gas-powered chain saws provide exceptional mobility and convenience. Electric-powered chain saws are environmentally friendly and remarkably powerful. Whether a homeowner needs to lop down a dead tree or cut through a four-by-four, Sears is sure to have a chain saw that's more than up to the task.

      While Sears' chain saw lineup includes low prices across the board, some models are more affordable than others. Those who have relatively simple needs when it comes to yard work will appreciate the exceptionally low prices of Poulan chain saws and similar products. Despite their remarkably low price tags, these tools can cut through logs with diameters of up to 36 inches. Convenient features like automatic oiling improve their versatility and usefulness.

      When it comes to quality, durability and all-around excellence, it's hard to beat Craftsman electric chain saws and products like them. Glowing reviews abound about these well-designed tools. Low kickback helps to keep fatigue and strain to absolute minimums. Hand guards and chain brakes enhance safety. No tools are needed to adjust chain tension on these models, which simplifies things considerably. Homeowners appreciate the low prices and unbeatable performance of these chain saws.

      People who need extra mobility should consider options like Husqvarna gas chain saws. Lightweight designs make top-selling models perfect for simple work around the yard. These chain saws are popular because they are so easy to start. Vibrations are kept to a minimum too, which drastically reduces the risk of aches, strains and discomfort. Ergonomic designs also keep hands in good shape and allow people to avoid calluses. Commercial-grade, two-stroke engines lend these chain saws surprising amounts of power.

      Those who strictly need to be able to cut firewood should consider Hitachi chain saws and options like them. Their compact designs make them a breeze to carry around the yard. Homeowners can transform felled trees into neatly stacked piles of firewood in no time flat with these affordable chain saws. Their durable designs ensure that they will last for several years to come. They are sure to become indispensable tools around just about any household.

      While there are several heavy-duty chain saws available at Sears, there are also plenty of lightweight options. No matter what a person's specific needs are, there is sure to be an affordable chain saw in Sears' extensive lineup. Keeping a yard neat and orderly is a breeze with options like these!


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