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Chain Saws

Cut thick wood safely with durable chain saws from Sears

Whether you're trimming branches or removing a tree stump, tending to lawn care tasks is easy with a quality chain saw by your side. Sears carries corded, cordless and gas models that provide the right amount of power for the job. Try a cordless pole saw for light yard work, or blast through thick tree trunks with a gas-powered model. Keep several varieties of saws and accessories on hand to conquer any maintenance project you might encounter.

A battery-powered chain saw offers exceptional maneuverability with premium cutting power. Simply set the device on the plug-in charger and wait for the lithium-ion battery to fully charge. Its lightweight build allows you to reach tall branches easily, and you can roam around the yard without tripping on extension cords. Other features like a push-button oiler and an ergonomic handle make this tool easy to use during almost any task.

When the job calls for a heavy-duty piece of equipment, a gasoline-powered chainsaw can get the job done with speed and precision. Fill up the tank with a lawn mower gas can, and pull the starting cord to fuel the powerful engine. The blade will rapidly spin, creating enough cutting power to slice through even the thickest lumber. Safety mechanisms like anti-vibration technology and a fuel meter can give you peace of mind while tackling the most demanding tasks. Save time on lawn maintenance projects with a top-of-the-line chain saw from Sears.