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Protection begins with landscape and construction fencing

Construction fencing should be used to help keep workers and others safe around hazardous work areas. Our bright orange construction fencing made by Mutual Industries is available in 4x100-foot rolls that are easily erected using fence poles and fence installation hardware. The bright orange color of this construction fencing immediately stands out as a warning sign to stay out of a work area. We have many other types of rolled wire fencing that also can be used for landscape fencing and at work sites. We stock the fence poles and fence installation hardware for all types of fencing, including gate kits, latches, hinges and other small parts that might be required for building fences.

You can do a lot with landscape fencing besides marking property boundaries. Even for those areas, you can use fancier fencing products to enhance your other landscaping features. Use curved edging and bamboo fencing around a raised garden, or use tall bamboo panels to set apart an area where you want total privacy. Create walkways and garden plots by using combinations of curved and straight fencing products. If birds, rabbits or deer are causing trouble by eating your garden produce, surround the garden with cage fencing to help keep them away. We have tree netting and tree fencing to help protect bark and fruit from birds and other animals. Decorative fence panels allow you to quickly construct fences around the patio, pool or garden. Landscape fencing can be used around the children's play areas or for pet containment. You will find many types of gates, latches, springs, handles and other hardware you need to complete your fencing projects in our hardware supplies department.

Building fences is always a good way to increase the value of your property, protect certain areas and to add visual interest to your landscaping. As you make plans to build fences, remember that you can make them fancier by adding embellishments like fence post caps. For the actual job of fence building, you should have a lot more hardware ready to use than just your fence panels or rolled wire fencing. Fence post caps are one of the first items many people like to add, even if only at the gate area of their fence. Caps, tops and bases are set on top of the fence pole as a point of interest and to complete a decorative theme. We have many to choose from, including redwood ball tops, colored glass pyramids and artistic limestone artichoke post caps. We have base sets to accommodate round or square tops and hardware for attaching everything to the posts.

From construction fencing to landscape fencing, we have the components for building attractive, durable and useful fences. Be sure you have all the parts, such as fence post caps and bases, before you start the job of building fences that look good and add value to your property. We can deliver all these materials to your location and save you from that work, or you can pick orders up at your nearby Sears.


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