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Secure your property with Sears electric fencing

Electric fencing is popular with ranchers and farmers who have cattle, livestock and pets that they want to keep on their property. Another purpose of this fencing is to keep out human intruders, including possible thieves. Sears carries an extensive inventory of electric fencing supplies including wire, fence chargers and fence controllers. We also offer a full selection of other non-electric fence supplies.

To electrify your existing chain link fencing, you can use Deacero 12.5ga barbless wire. Available in a commercial class 80 rod roll, this 12  gauge barbless wire is suitable for livestock fencing and for crop protection purposes. The zinc-coated galvanized wire can withstand cattle impact and heavy duty use. The Home Improvement Superstore handles orders and shipment of this product.

Woodstream Zareba's Solar Powered Electric Fence Controller is our most recommended controller product. Highly portable with a built-in handle, this electric fence controller comes with a six-volt battery. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty for this product that covers lightning damage. The Parker Super Energizer Fence Charger can handle up to 50 miles of electric fencing. The low impedance design allows this charger to operate at 110 to 120 volts across wide pastures in a single or multi-wire configuration. Solid state electronics include Parker's exclusive Parmak built-in digital performance meter. The wire is capable of shocking through wet vegetation, and it is perfect for controlling grazing livestock, and for keeping out predators.

The Zareba 20 Acre AC Operated Fencer charges weed-free fences over 20 acres of lands. The AC-operated fencer is for dry weather conditions, and it is suitable for controlling pets and shorthaired livestock. The UI listed system has a flashing light that indicates the fence is working properly. Tool Box Supply sells and ships this product.

Sears offers the best brands of electric fencing equipment and supplies including Field Guardian, AO Smith Electrical Products and Woodstream Zareba. We also sell related supplies including digging and soldering tools. If you need to narrow down your options, use the selections in the left sidebar of this page. For example, you can filter items by brand or discount. We offer great discounts on a regular basis that can cut 70 percent or more off the original price. You may also be eligible for free shipping or for an interest free payment program. If you need assistance in finding the right product, contact our customer service department. We provide phone, live online chat and email contact options.

Members of Shop Your Way MAX are eligible for free shipping on all their orders, and some items may receive free two-day shipping. Members collect points with each purchase that they can redeem later online, or at a Sears, Kmart or other associated store. You can join Shop Your Way MAX free by clicking on the "ShopYourWay Exclusives" link in topmost menu bar. Shop with us today to find the perfect electric fencing solution for your needs.


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