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Build a beautiful border for your yard with solid, eye-catching fence posts. Sears brings you a selection of posts to meet your fencing needs. Ranging from pretty to practical, these posts from Midwest, Genova and other companies offer support for all kinds of fences. Create unique landscaping accents around flower beds with short fencing and posts, or invest in sturdy metal to keep pests out of your garden. Fence post caps add attractive finishing touches to whatever posts that you choose. A sturdy fence will bring beauty and function to your yard for many seasons.

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Attractive fence posts add curb appeal and security

How do you choose the right types of fence posts for your property? Depending on the kind of fencing material that these posts will connect to, you might choose plastic, wood or metal. It is rarely a good idea to mix and match fencing materials. When you decide to build a wood fence, stick with wooden posts rather than plastic. This ensures uniform strength and weathering of the finished product. Height is another important consideration. Smaller fences do not call for very tall posts. Should you decide to build a 6-foot-tall fence, you must pick longer posts since you will bury a good portion of them underground for stability.

If you are trying to keep a dog inside your yard, choose a fence with wooden posts. They are strong, durable and easy to paint. Should you decide to go with a chain-link fence instead, only metal posts will do. While they might not look as attractive as nicely painted wooden posts, they are far more durable and functional. Pick your fence post also with an eye on future needs. A 4-foot picket fence and associated posts look nice right now but if you add a large dog to your household shortly, this fence will be unsuitable at preventing the animal from jumping over the structure. As a result, you would then have to replace not only the fence panels but also the posts.

Construction fencing does not require fence posts. Sears sells this type of border material in large rolls. You simply wrap it around a tree or any other structure in your landscape. If you do require a post, simply drive a stake into the ground for a temporary anchoring of the fencing. Manufacturers make this type of border from plastic, which encourages reuse of the material in the future. Usually about 4 feet tall, construction fencing is not so much a security border as it is a warning to passersby not to enter a certain area that you cordon off for their protection.

Fence gates provide you with a convenient entry point to your property. Remotely control the gate to ensure that your perimeter fencing remain locked throughout the night. Open it remotely with portable controls that you can keep in your vehicle. Choose a gate with functionality in mind. An aesthetically pleasing product is quite simple to find.

Add landscape fencing to provide a visual border between two or more elements in your backyard. Bamboo fencing is an excellent choice for a deck or patio. Small borders surround flowerbeds and line walkways. They keep busy feet off your plants and freshly seeded lawn areas. Ornamental folding fences quickly install with just a bit of pressure. Stick them into the soft soil for immediate display.


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