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      Add fence post caps for a professional look

      You can make your new fencing project look professional by adding decorative fence post caps and other accessories. Fence post caps go on top of your fence poles. We have ball post caps, pyramids, flat tops posts, plantar caps and other attractive caps. You may need to set a base under your choice of post cap, and we have lots of those in many styles, colors and materials. The posts connect fence panels with simple hardware that we also stock for you. Many fence builders prefer using fence panels because it speeds up the whole job. All you need to do is sink your posts and then attach the fence panels between the posts and affix a post cap on top of the post. In this manner, you can complete a fencing job speedily. You will probably need to insert a gate or two along your fence lines for easy access to the fenced area. For simplicity, try using bamboo fencing. It rolls up for easy transport and creates a strong privacy fence. Fence panels are available in many styles and sizes.

      Gates are the ideal point of entry for a fenced area, and they provide protection as well as security. We have many types of gate openers, including automated systems. Gate openers may feature remote operation or a simple counterweight system. We have latches, locks, handles and hinges for all types of gates. Pet gates may be expandable or feature a swing-close action. Electric locks are available as are self-closing gate hinges. You can lock gates by using a chain, a lock or a latch, and some gates will require a gate spring for non-mechanized closure. We have many styles of gates to match fence panels or wire fencing.

      Wire fencing is a favorite type of fence used by many property owners to define and protect gardens, pets and play areas. It is very good at keeping pests out and small animals, like chickens or rabbits, inside an area. Barbless wire and galvanized fencing are very popular for property fencing in general. You will need fence posts to attach your wire fencing and gates. Some wire fencing is available as fence panels, which are very easy to use. Extra strong chain-link metal fencing is commonly used to enclose backyards and swimming pools when added protection is desirable. Wire fencing can be plain or decorative, as can the wire fence gates. Our fence products are very affordable, so erecting fencing can be done within almost any budget.

      Surround your valuable property and special landscaping areas with attractive fencing. Use fence post caps on your fence poles in areas that you want to highlight. We have all the fencing, tools and accessories you need to make this job fast and easy. We are happy to deliver everything to your home or business, or you can arrange for pickup at any of our store locations.


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