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Keep gardens and yards safe with Sears fencing

When you want privacy and security for your yard, you can't go wrong with sturdy fencing. Whether you choose a border solely to separate yourself from the neighbors or choose a decorative fence design, it's important to invest in high quality materials. Garden fences are essential for deterring pests that might otherwise feast on plants. Keep your yard and garden safe with fence panels and accessories from Sears.

Welding tools help you get all of your welding jobs done right. Whether you're looking to build a fence of your own or you have another kind of home improvement in mind, you'll need a variety of accessories to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Clamps and clamp sets hold pieces in place as you work so that each weld comes out even. Pliers make it easier to work with small pieces, especially when wearing gloves during a welding job. Wire brushes smooth out finished welds, eliminating any blobs or sharp spots. If you do a lot of welding, it can't hurt to have a full torch kit that can easily be carried from place to place.

If you're going to be working with metal, plasma cutters give you power. Using a combination of high pressure, inert gasses and electricity, these tools create a high-heat plasma beam that melts through all kinds of materials. You can trust brands such as SIMADRE for all of your metalwork needs. Anchor Brands, LOTOS and others provide you with accessories to keep your plasma cutter running smoothly. Replacement electrodes and full torch sets are both available from the wide selection at Sears. Cutting guides ensure that every cut you make is straight. Get complete plasma cutter units or accessories and start your next project off right.

To get any welding job done right, you need the proper welding equipment. This includes safety gear such as helmets, goggles and gloves. Arc welders, including MIG and TIG models, generate bright light as you lay a weld and welders of all kinds throw heat and sparks. Plasma cutting uses very high heat to power through metal and generates a lot of sparks as well. It is important to keep yourself well-protected as you work to avoid burns and eye damage. Simple soldering tools pose less risk but should still be handled with care. Choose the right equipment based on the size of the job and you will have your welding done in no time.

No matter what kind of job you're tackling, you want equipment that you can trust. From fence materials to welding tools, we are sure to have the right tools for the projects you have in mind. Shop Sears for the brands you love and invest in equipment that will last a lifetime.