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      Commercial generators offer power and portability on-site

      When you don't have access to an electrical outlet on-site, commercial generators offer the power you need for hours on a single tank. Sears carries a stocked inventory of commercial generators from Briggs & Stratton and PowerLand that provide up to 10,000 watts of power. Choose between generators that run on natural gas, propane or diesel, and opt for All-Power generators that feature electric-start motors and seven electrical outlets. Whether you need power on-site for your tools or at home during a blackout, we have commercial-duty generators for your needs.

      With a commercial generator and Craftsman air tools, you have what you need to perform mechanical and repair tasks on-site. Whether you own a professional workshop or you enjoy working in your own garage, you require air tools such as impact wrenches and grease guns for your auto body projects. We also have air sanders for auto bodywork and cutting tools for your metalworking and woodworking jobs. Invest in impact sockets that withstand the torque from professional Craftsman impact wrenches, and consider Campbell Hausfield brad nailers for your upholstery or carpentry tasks.

      If you have an electric pressure washer, a commercial generator comes in handy when you need power on job sites without electricity. Some industrial pressure washers have onboard gas motors that don't require an external electrical source. As an example, the BE pressure washer has a 13-horsepower gas motor that provides 4 GPM and 4,000 PSI. Other electrical pressure washers from Stanley and Cam Spray have variable speed nozzles and additional attachments for directing the spray over walkways or on walls. We also have wall-mount pressure washers for easy access to cleaning your car in the driveway.

      Solar generators prove beneficial if you want an alternative to gas-powered generators. Unlike a gas-powered commercial generator, a solar generator runs completely on power from the sun, and it offers as much as 100 watts of electricity per panel. Invest in a smaller portable solar generator for plugging in radios or handheld power tools when working in the yard, or choose Go Power! roof-mounted solar panels that decrease your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. We also have solar lamps that work well for illuminating your home at night without the need for an electrical source.

      Both solar and commercial generators work well for supplying electrical power when and where you need it. Use a generator on-site when you need power for your air tools, and consider industrial pressure washers for removing dirt and grime from your home or the driveway. Shop online at Sears for affordable power tools and professional-duty accessories for your home and business.


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