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Trust solar generators with your power needs when the grid is down or you are at a work site far away from any utility service. With the help of a solar panel, charge controller and generator, store the energy you need and use it whenever you want. Plenty of these generators are so portable that they fit into the back of a truck or van. Head out to your cabin in the woods, turn on your solar generator and plug in one of the electric pressure washers that Sears carries. As long as you have a water hookup, you are ready to give the cabin the spring-cleaning it needs.

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Solar generators save the planet and your money

Look to solar generators when you need a backup to the electrical grid. Winter storms, earthquakes and damaged lines can have a serious impact on the availability of electricity in your area. Generators ensure that you can power your electrical appliances even when the utility company cannot guarantee that you will receive a continued supply of electricity for an extended period of time. For your solar generators to supply you with electricity as needed, be sure to install solar panels and a charge controller.

There is no need to pull a cord, start up a carburetor or make sure that you have a sufficient amount of fuel to power the appliance. When you run backup appliances such as small energy-efficient freezers or refrigerators to prevent food spoilage, you can cut down on the amount of electricity you need to consume during a power outage. Power only crucial appliances for maximum efficiency. For example, one high-efficiency light bulb and a basement sump pump can prevent a lot of damage to your home.

When your energy needs surpass those of a small household, consider an investment in commercial generators. Manufacturers design these machines to generate thousands of watts whenever you require them. These kinds of generators are so powerful that you can take them to remote work sites to generate the power needed to run appliances and power tools. Portable versions are practical. Stationary standby generators are essential for facility power backup but are usually too big for transport from site to site.

Further enhance the functionality of your machine with suitable generator accessories. There are maintenance kits, extra spark plugs and power cords. For portable machines, a wheel kit can take the strain off your back and offer ease of maneuverability. Keep extra accessories on hand as backup if you need to replace any one part during a time of use. When power outages place round-the-clock demands on the generator, these parts ensure that you can keep the appliance running and maintained.

Of course, when you want power not just in the case of an emergency but also for comfort or convenience while away from home, look to portable generators. Champion, DuroMax and PowerPro are just a few of the manufacturers that specialize in portable technology. Power your RV appliances, light up the remote campsite with holiday bulbs or cook at the lake with your microwave. Achieving all of these feats is easy with a generator that relies on solar power or gasoline for energy.

Entrust Sears with your power needs. Choose from a large inventory of solar generators, commercial generators, generator accessories and portable generators. Plan ahead for possible power outages by installing solar or gasoline machines on your property. If you are in charge of a commercial enterprise, keep working and maintain the facility even if the power grid shuts down. Pick up a portable generator for the times when you are away from home but still require creature comforts that run on electricity.


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