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      Power your tools with a generator from Sears

      With a generator, you can use your power tools anywhere on the job site without the need for a separate electrical outlet. Sears carries a full range of heavy-duty generators from Craftsman and Briggs & Stratton that provide up to 48 kilowatts of power. Operate your tools on-site with a Craftsman portable generator, or invest in a standby generator for your home in case of blackouts. We also have solar and wind generators if you prefer an eco-friendly alternative to electric and gas-powered models.

      Combine the power of a portable Craftsman generator with the efficiency of Craftsman nailers to get the job done quickly. Whether you work on-site or at your home, a DeWalt brad nailer helps you to hammer in nails with more accuracy and precision than when using a standard manual hammer. Use a brad nailer to hammer in finishing nails on your kitchen cabinetry, or complete the framework for your new garage with a generator, a Senco nailer and packs of framing nails. Choose from straight and angled nailers with adjustable depth drives and a single or bounce-fire operation.

      Generators also come in handy for powering your air compressors and other air tools as you work. As an example, set up a portable generator on-site, and plug in the Craftsman 33-gallon portable air compressor into one of the generator's electrical outlets. You now have an efficient power source and an air source for using your brad nailers or cutting tools. For mechanical tasks, stock your garage with air tools such as grease guns and Craftsman impact wrenches. For woodworking, a Craftsman nailer and an Ingersoll Rand air drill work best for joining or drilling through wooden planks and boards.

      Cleaning the car or washing the house seems like a chore unless you have electric pressure washers to ease the workload. Invest in a Craftsman or a Stanley pressure washer that provides up to 2,220 PSI and that plugs into any standard electrical outlet. You can even use a portable generator to power your electric pressure washer on the job site. With a Stanley pressure washer, you have access to a 20-foot high-pressure hose, a turbo nozzle and an automatic shut-off system that prolongs the washer's pump life. Like portable generators, an electric pressure washer's compact size makes it easy to store in the garage or a tool chest when you don't need it.

      Use a generator on-site when you don't have an electrical outlet nearby. Power your air tools and brad nailers with an air compressor and a Craftsman generator, and use electric pressure washers to remove dirt and debris from your house or the driveway with ease. Come to Sears when you want affordable power tools for all of your on-site or at-home construction needs.