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      New lawn mower belts increase your engine's power

      Worn-out lawn mower belts decrease your engine's power due to slack or damage from multiple cutting seasons. Sears carries Craftsman lawn mower belts for your yard tractors and your walk-behind mowers. If your mower has a broken belt, then it can't transfer power to the blade and other parts of the mower. You need to check your drive belts at least once per cutting season to ensure it doesn't have slight tears or slack between the pulleys.

      Damaged blade belts cause your mower blade to spin erratically or not at all. Mower blades depend on a strong belt to turn the blades at high velocities. A loose belt causes the blade to slip and cut the grass unevenly. Like belts, the lawn mower blade wears down as rocks and other hard debris hit the blade as you mow. Replace a damaged blade with a new Craftsman mower blade for a sharper and cleaner cut while mowing. We also have mulching and dethatching blades that take care of two lawn jobs at once.

      Whereas gas provides the energy required for the mower to operate, lawn mower oil ensures that the engine runs smoothly and without unwanted friction. A lack of oil in the engine causes parts to heat up and burn out, and you can even cause the engine to overheat and crack. When refilling the gas tank, always check the oil levels before you start a cutting session. We also have Craftsman high-performance 4-cycle fuel that improves your engine's performance and maximizes its power. Whether you use a riding mower or you have a Craftsman 160cc push mower, stock up on Explorer SAE 30 lawn mower oil to keep the engine running its best.

      Although the engine turns the belts and blades as you mow, the engine can't produce any power without spark plugs. The spark plug produces a spark that ignites the fuel, which in turn produces the power needed to start the engine and turn the belts and blades. Oil and corrosion cover the spark plug tips over time, causing the engine to hesitate on startup. Check the spark plugs before and after each mowing session, and install new Craftsman spark plugs at the first sign of wear and tear.

      Broken lawn mower belts prevent your mower from operating correctly, and a worn mower blade doesn't cut the grass efficiently. Invest in lawn mower oil to protect your engine parts from overheating and to keep your mower running smoothly. Find even more affordable specialty lawn mower parts and accessories when you visit the store or browse the Sears online inventory.


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