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      Whether you use a riding lawn mower or a push mower, these appliances run best when detritus and old oil do not clog the mower filters. You think ahead to plan your vehicle's oil and filter changes. Do your grass cutter a favor and treat it just like you treat your car. Stock up on lawn mower oil while you are shopping for replacement filters. Depending on your mower brand, you might have to replace the oil as often as after every 25 hours of use. You want to keep your lawn looking great and getting noticed. Maintain your appliance as recommended by the manufacturer, and your grass cutter will not let you down.

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      Improve engine power with mower filters from Sears

      Always check your mower filters before cutting the grass to ensure that clogs and buildup don't slow you down. Sears offers hundreds of mower parts and accessories to keep your mower running at maximum levels each cutting season. Craftsman mower filters capture dust and debris, keeping the particles out of the engine and preventing any damage. Air and oil filters clog over time, so you need to change the filters at least once per season depending on your mowing frequency.

      Like mower filters, lawn mower belts wear down over time due to constant use and damage from external forces. When drive belts have nicks and tears, they break and cause the engine to lose power. Blade belts turn the blades at high speeds, but loose belts cause the blades to slip and operate poorly. When checking your mower filters, feel for slack and tears in the drive belts or the blade belt. If you see any damage, then install a new Craftsman lawn mower belt to keep the engine from losing power as you mow.

      As you fine-tune the mower, consider inspecting the lawn mower spark plugs for corrosion or oil buildup on the tips. Too much oil on the spark plugs could also indicate a serious oil leak in the engine. Corrosion happens normally over time, but you can use a wire brush to remove the buildup and reintroduce the spark to the engine. Even if you clean an old spark plug, it may not produce a viable spark to ignite the fuel and power the mower. Invest in Craftsman spark plugs to replace the older spark plugs in your yard tractors and walk-behind lawn mowers.

      Along with tune-up kits and mower filters, we have specialty lawn mower parts for most every mower make and model. You also have access to Classic Accessories covers that protect your mower from exterior elements or dust and debris when storing the unit in the workshop. Install a new mandrel on your 42-inch cutting deck, or replace your deck gauge wheels with new ones from Craftsman. Briggs & Stratton has replacement starters for your riding mower, and you can find Craftsman replacement pulleys to install on your mower when replacing the mower belts.

      Installing new mower filters in your lawn mower ensures longer engine life and power. Replace lawn mower belts at the first sign of damage, and invest in new spark plugs to create more power and maximize your engine's performance. Shop Sears online and at the store for the best selection of specialty lawn mower parts and affordable lawn-care supplies for your home.


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