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      Fill up with lawn mower gas cans from Sears

      Keeping a full lawn mower gas can nearby ensures that you have plenty of fuel to cut the grass. Sears has an entire inventory of metal and plastic lawn mower gas cans from Briggs & Stratton and Eagle-MFG to store gas, diesel and kerosene. You also have access to CARB-compliant gas cans that comply with the California Air Resource Board's emission standards. Hold up to 5 gallons of gas in the Midwest Can Company gas can, and invest in the 2-gallon Briggs & Stratton gas can for your push and riding lawn mowers.

      You can extend the life of your mower's engine when you install new mower filters from Craftsman and Kohler. Filters prevent dirt and other debris from entering the engine and clogging vital engine parts. Check your riding mower's filter before mowing the lawn to ensure the mower runs smoothly and efficiently as you cut the grass. In addition to air filters, invest in new Craftsman oil filters to maximize your mower's performance and to prolong the engine's life.

      Whether you have a large or small yard, you can get the exact cutting precision and control you want with Craftsman and Poulan push mowers. While push mowers work well in yards with less than an acre, the large rear wheels help you maneuver easily over uneven terrain and hills in large yards. A Craftsman 190cc rear-bag push mower has a powerful motor that provides 7.25 foot pounds of torque. With a 3-in-1 cutting deck, you can cut the grass, mulch the clippings or discharge the grass as you mow. Most push mowers have adjustable decks so that you can get the exact height you want for your lawn.

      Choosing between push mowers and riding mowers comes down to your yard size. For yards larger than one acre, a Craftsman riding mower provides a powerful 420cc motor with a 7-speed transmission to prevent slowing down or stopping when shifting gears. Some advantages of choosing a riding mower over a push mower include wider cutting decks and optional attachments. Most riding mowers include headlights for navigating the yard after dark, and the padded seats provide a comfortable place for you to sit as you mow the lawn.

      With a full lawn mower gas can, you have extra fuel on hand in case you run out while cutting the lawn. Replace your mower filters to prolong the engine's life, and decide whether you require a riding mower or a push mower for your yard size. Check out more of Sears' online inventory for the best selection of lawn mowers and lawn and garden accessories.


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