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      Find specialty lawn mower parts for your riding or push mower

      Sometimes you need a new mandrel kit for your cutting deck or a carburetor for your push mower. Sears has more than 500 specialty lawn mower parts and accessories for your Craftsman and other name brand mowers. Protect your push mower from the elements with a Classic Accessories lawn mower cover, and replace worn-out wheels on your cutting deck with Craftsman deck gauge wheels. From dethatching blade lines to Fresh Start fuel capsules, you can find the parts you need for your mower at Sears.

      Along with replacement lines and specialty parts, we have lawn mower belts for your walk-behind and riding mowers. Mower belts play a vital role in how your engine and blade work on the mower. A worn-out belt can snap unexpectedly, reducing power in the engine and causing the mower to break down. A slack belt turns the blade erratically, causing uneven cutting and additional wear on your mower. Replace a worn-out belt with a Craftsman driver belt at the first sign of damage.

      Like lawn mower belts, mower filters ensure your mower runs at optimum levels. Gunk builds up in the oil filter, causing chugs and slow startups. Replace your oil filter each cutting season with a Craftsman ELS oil filter. Check the air filter in your riding mower for clogs and debris that prevent proper airflow into the engine. Changing a clogged air filter increases power and prolongs your overall engine life. We also have Craftsman fuel filters for riding and push mowers, and you have access to complete tune-up kits that include air filters, oil and spark plugs to ensure your mower runs well during the cutting season.

      Lawn mower spark plugs also wear down over time, and corrosion builds up on the tips and minimizes the spark. If your mower hesitates on startup or chugs while mowing, then it could indicate bad spark plugs. Check the spark plugs for oil coverage or rust buildup on the tips. Replace old spark plugs with new Craftsman E Series spark plugs that provide quicker startups and extend engine life. Installing new spark plugs also provides more power to the engine while saving on fuel consumption. Whether you operate a Craftsman or a Husqvarna, you have access to Copper Plus and other quality spark plugs for your mower.

      Tune up your mower at least once per year with specialty lawn mower parts and accessories. Install new lawn mower belts to prevent further damage to the engine, and change the oil and air filters regularly to maintain the life of your mower. Come to Sears for even more affordable lawn mowers and lawn and garden supplies for your residential landscaping.


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