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      Tune-up kits keep your mower running its best

      If you want to keep your mower running at optimal levels, then invest in tune-up kits for your yard tractor or walk-behind mower. Sears offers a variety of tune-up kits to use with your Craftsman and other popular name brand lawn mowers. A Craftsman tune-up kit contains everything from air filters to fuel stabilizer, so you can prevent debris from entering the engine and increase your mower's power in one kit. We also have spark plugs and oil filters available to maximize your engine's performance each cutting season.

      When fine-tuning your mower, check for damage on your mower blades. Blades dull with constant use, and rocks cause nicks and damage to the blade as you mow. A new Craftsman mower blade has a sharp edge to cut the grass evenly and cleanly, and you can find Craftsman and Oregon blades for your particular size cutting deck. We also carry Craftsman dethatching blades that remove unwanted thatch and weed clumps from your lawn. For cutting and mulching, install the Craftsman mulching and bagging blade to slice the grass into fine particles and lift them up into the bagger.

      Having plastic or metal lawn mower gas cans in your garage ensures you have fuel on hand in case your mower runs dry. Invest in the 5-gallon Briggs & Stratton plastic gas can, and fill up at the station before cutting the grass. With a larger gas can, you spend less time visiting the gas station during your mowing sessions. We also have Best Choice Products 30-gallon gas caddies to store in your garage or workshop. For smaller push mowers, a 2-gallon Eagle-MFG gas can should provide enough fuel for multiple cuttings.

      Although you need gas to power the engine, you also need lawn mower oil to protect the engine from overheating and friction. You can invest in tune-up kits that contain oil and filters, but consider buying Explorer lawn mower oil in bulk if you cut the grass more than three months out of the year. We have 2- and 4-cycle engine oil depending on your riding mower or push mower, and you have access to Craftsman high-performance fuel that optimizes the engine and prolongs your mower's life. Whether you need SAE 30 motor oil or Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer, find what you need to keep your mower operating efficiently.

      Give your mower an increase in power and performance with Craftsman tune-up kits. Invest in new mower blades for a cleaner cut, and always have enough gas for your mowing session with a Briggs & Stratton gas can. Look to Sears for the largest collection of name brand lawn mowers and affordable mower accessories for your residential and commercial needs.


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