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Gain traction with lawn mower wheels from Sears

Having worn-out lawn mower wheels reduces traction as you turn, which causes the mower to slide and damage the grass. Sears carries a variety of replacement mower wheels from Craftsman and Arnold to use on your walk-behind mower. We have front, back and deck wheels in plastic and steel depending on your needs. Most wheels weigh no more than 1.8 pounds, keeping your push mower light and easy to operate as you mow the lawn.

If you have worn tires, then your mower may also have a worn belt. Lawn mower belts wear down over time, causing the engine to lose power and operate incorrectly. With a push mower, you should check the blade belt at the start of the cutting season to ensure it has no damage from past mowing sessions. Tighten the belt to keep slack from causing the blade to slip as it turns. Replacement Craftsman drive belts also come in handy for increasing power to each part of your mower. We also have belts for Weedeaters and other professional-duty line trimmers.

When you invest in new wheels and belts, you should also consider additional lawn mower gas cans from Briggs & Stratton. When you have a gas can on hand, you can refill the mower's tank on-site without having to make an extra trip to the gas station. A standard Briggs & Stratton gas can holds up to 5 gallons of gas, and you can choose either plastic or metal cans from Eagle-MFG and GoldenRod. According to the Department of Transportation, you can use plastic cans for storing gas at home, but you should invest in a metal safety can for transporting gas in your vehicle.

Sometimes you need specialty lawn mower parts in order to keep your mower running smoothly. Invest in a Classic Accessories cover to protect your mower when you park it outside, and install a new Craftsman pulley when changing your drive belt. We also have Briggs & Stratton replacement starters and deck gauge wheels for Craftsman and Husqvarna riding mowers. Cut the grass and mulch at the same time with Craftsman heavy-duty mulching blades, and change your oil easily with a Craftsman oil filter wrench. From spindle housings to blade sharpeners, you can keep your mower running its best each cutting season.

Invest in replacement lawn mower wheels to prevent sliding and damaging your grass. Replace the drive belts to improve your engine's power, and keep a 2-gallon gas can nearby to reduce trips to the refilling station. Shop Sears's online inventory of name brand lawn mowers and specialty mower parts and accessories.


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