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      Lawn Mower Parts & Accessories

      Invest in replacement lawn mower parts from Sears

      When your lawn mower operates poorly, look to Sears for replacement lawn mower parts and accessories. We carry hundreds of durable lawn-care supplies such as oil filters and spark plugs for push mowers and yard tractors. If your mower hesitates at startup, it could indicate bad spark plugs. Corrosion and oil cover the spark plugs over time, preventing the spark plug from igniting the fuel properly. We also have mulching blades, Craftsman drive belts and complete tune-up kits to maximize your mower's performance.

      Once used only for commercial use, you can now select from a line of Craftsman and DEK commercial mowers for your residential lawn maintenance. Unlike standard push mowers, a commercial mower has a larger engine and a wider cutting deck for pushing through tall grass and cutting more area at a time. A Craftsman self-propelled commercial mower makes it even easier to operate the machine as it automatically propels forward with a press of the handle bar. The commercial mower works well on both flat and uneven terrain, and you have the option between Briggs & Stratton and Honda engines depending on your preference.

      Choosing the right lawn mower for the job depends on the size of your yard and the type of fuel you want to use. As an example, a gas-powered Craftsman push mower works well for lawns with less than an acre, but a commercial mower has added cutting width and horsepower for handling larger mowing tasks. You also have access to cordless rechargeable motors that operate with batteries and can mow one-third of an acre on a single charge. Robomow robotic mowers use sensors to detect their location in the yard, and motorless reel mowers cut the grass blades evenly without the need for gas or oil.

      Like the push mower, you have options when selecting yard tractors for mowing residential and commercial lawns. While push mowers work best for smaller yards, you want a yard tractor for mowing more than an acre at a time. Craftsman lawn tractors have V-twin engines that power the units forward, cutting at high speeds over hilly and flat terrain. Garden tractors come in handy for installing cart and tiller attachments, and zero-turn tractors provide improved maneuverability around landmarks. With a riding mower, you have a comfortable seat and speed controls at your side for enhanced mowing.

      Check your lawn mower parts regularly to ensure your mower operates efficiently with each use. Commercial mowers offer larger motors and wider cutting decks when compared to standard push mowers, but riding tractors provide ease of use and increased maneuverability around obstacles. Check Sears every day for even more affordable lawn-care products and professional-grade lawn mowers for your home.