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      Find the lawn mower for your residential or commercial landscaping needs

      Depending on the size of your lawn, you need a lawn mower that cuts the grass while reducing the amount of work you have to do. Sears carries hundreds of professional lawn mowers from Craftsman and Poulan with and without rear baggers. Choose a Craftsman self-propelled lawn mower to ease your workload, or opt for an eco-friendly Sun Joe electric mower that never requires gas or oil. Rechargeable mowers cut up to a third of an acre on a single charge, and robotic mowers cut the grass without any assistance from you.

      Lawn mowers break down over time, and parts degrade and malfunction. Along with our professional line of lawn mowers, we have thousands of lawn mower parts and accessories to ensure your mower runs smoothly and efficiently. If your mower chugs on startup, invest in new Craftsman E Series spark plugs that ignite the fuel more effectively. Replace the air filters in your riding mower to increase the engine's power, or consider a Craftsman tune-up kit that contains spark plugs, oil, fuel stabilizer and an air filter all in one package.

      Push mowers work best for smaller yards, but garden tractors provide even more power to cut through thick grass and weeds. In addition to its cutting strength, you can mount attachments such as tillers and plows to the Craftsman garden tractor. Haul lawn-care equipment with a cart attachment, or plow snow in the winter with a front-mounted Craftsman snowplow. Some garden tractors feature Turn Tight steering systems, which help you maneuver the mowers easily around landmarks. Garden tractors also have high padded seats for additional comfort and variable transmission speeds for better control as you mow.

      Along with garden tractors, we have a selection of yard tractors and zero-turn tractors available for both commercial and residential landscaping. Like the garden tractor, a yard tractor has a wide cutting deck that covers more surface area as you mow, and the headlamps prove useful when you mow before sunrise or after sunset. Zero-turn tractors provide increased maneuverability thanks to the vertical steering handles. You can stop instantly and turn at 90-degree angles to cut around trees or to cut closely along landmarks. Some tractors include armrests and cup holders that enhance your mowing experience.

      Whether you work as a professional landscaper or you just need to cut your own lawn, a lawn mower provides durable blades for mowing and mulching the grass. Garden tractors have the power to mow through weeds and haul heavy equipment, and zero-turn tractors provide better maneuverability around obstacles. Come to Sears for the largest inventory of professional mowers and affordable lawn mower parts and accessories.



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