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Run your landscaping business like a pro with commercial mowers. Even if you are just starting out, rely on the right equipment to provide your clients with lawns that look pristine. While you could use your personal tractor mower in a pinch, manufacturers do not design these machines for the high-volume usage that professional appliances experience. For huge lots with plenty of curves, landscape features and walls, count on zero turn tractors that turn on a dime. Do not spend extra time on doubling back to cut a sliver of grass. Do the job in one pass. When you use this professional equipment in your landscaping business, your clients are sure to thank you!

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Commercial mowers help you mow like a professional

Whether you work as a professional landscaper or you have a passion for grooming the perfect lawn, commercial mowers help you achieve the look you want without much effort. Sears offers a variety of heavy-duty commercial mowers from Craftsman and DEK that feature Honda and Briggs & Stratton motors. Some Craftsman commercial mowers have self-propulsion systems that propel the mowers forward over uneven terrain and up hills. We also have tow-behind commercial mowers that attach easily to your ATV or garden tractor.

Combine your commercial mower with Craftsman and Poulan push mowers with on-board rear baggers. For covering large areas at once, a commercial mower with a 52-inch-wide cutting deck mows through the landscape quickly and easily. The Craftsman 190cc push mower works well for both large and small yards, and it has a rear bagger to collect the grass clippings. Like the commercial mower, a standard push mower has pull-start and push-button starter options. If you prefer to mow and mulch with the same machine, the Weedeater 2-in-1 lets you change from side discharging to mulching in just a few steps.

Mowing the lawn with self-propelled lawn mowers reduces the force you have to use when pushing the units forward. The Craftsman commercial-grade lawn mower has self-propulsion and a 33-inch cutting deck for mowing more grass at a time. For less than an acre, consider 160cc walk-behind mowers that feature the same high wheels and rear baggers as manual push mowers. The CX Series has a wide cutting deck and a powerful 3-in-1 cutting system for side discharging or mulching depending on your needs. We also carry self-propelled mowers with front- and rear-wheel drive control.

If you have more than an acre of land or thick grass and brush, then consider riding mowers as viable alternatives to push mowers. Push mowers with variable speed control work well for cutting through thick grass, but riding mowers feature large cutting decks and powerful engines that push the tractors through rough terrain. Craftsman Fender Hydro riding mowers feature hydrostatic transmissions, high-back seats for comfort and heavy-duty cast-iron front axles. A riding mower also has headlamps that increase visibility for early morning or late evening mowing sessions.

Commercial mowers have powerful engines and wide cutting decks for handling the toughest residential and commercial landscaping projects. Invest in push mowers with rear baggers and mulching systems built on to the units. Choose a self-propelled lawn mower or a Craftsman riding mower depending on the size of your lawn. Turn to Sears when you need affordable name brand lawn mowers and durable lawn and garden accessories for your home.


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