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      Corded electric mowers never require tune-ups

      When you invest in corded electric mowers, you skip the hassle of changing the oil and buying gas every time you want to mow the lawn. Sears give you access to the largest inventory of electric mowers from Remington and Sun Joe with and without on-board baggers. Since corded mowers don't require gas, you only need a 120-volt outlet nearby from which to operate your mower. A Black & Decker electric mower has a powerful 9-amp motor, and it cuts and mulches the grass clippings with its adjustable 3-in-1 cutting deck.

      Electric dethatchers prove beneficial when used before mowing your lawn. You want to remove the thatch that prevents the grass from growing properly, and a Craftsman electric dethatcher has tines that pull the thatch away from the grass. Thatch gathers in your yard due to mulch and weeds that tangle with the growing grass. The thatch prevents the grass roots from receiving water, which in turn causes dead spots in your lawn. Consider using a Sun Joe aerator-dethatcher combo to remove thatch and to give water and nutrients a better way to reach the grass roots.

      Reel mowers come in handy for smaller lots with very little grass. While a corded electric mower works well for cutting through thicker grasses, a reel mower works best if you have fine fescue grass or a small amount of grass that requires a slight trim. Remington and Fiskars reel mowers have sharp blades for cutting the grass cleanly and evenly, but you also have access to McLane reel mowers that feature 4-horsepower motors if you require more power. As with corded mowers, manual reel mowers never require oil or gas in order to mow your lawn effectively.

      Along with electric mowers and reel mowers, we have robotic rechargeable mowers that require no manual effort on your part. Unlike a corded mower, a robotic mower has a sensor that directs it where to go, and the blade stops automatically if the mower tilts on its side. You can find Robomow rechargeable mowers that have sensors and bumpers that easily identify obstacles in their way, and the motors operate quietly, which means that you can run the units any time of day or night. Some robotic mowers have manual controllers, giving you the power to control the units in tight spaces.

      Opt for electric mowers if you want eco-friendly alternatives to gas-powered models. Use dethatchers to remove unwanted thatch buildup from your lawn, and consider a reel mower for smaller yards with minimal growth. Shop at Sears for the most affordable collection of lawn mowers and accessories for your lawn and garden.


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