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Use dethatchers to remove thatch from your lawn

Sometimes grass intertwines with mulch and dead stems, causing thatch buildup in your lawn. Sears carries a full selection of dethatchers for removing thatch and restoring the look of your grass. Thatch buildup prevents the grass roots from receiving moisture and nutrients, but a dethatcher features tines that pull the thatch up without destroying the surrounding area. Whether you prefer a Craftsman or a Sun Joe dethatcher, you can find equipment for improving your lawn and garden at Sears.

After dethatching your lawn, you want to ensure that your lawnmower runs at maximum efficiency before mowing the grass. New spark plugs and other lawn mower parts and accessories can improve how your mower operates as you work. Replace the air filter in your Craftsman yard tractor to extend the mower's life, and invest in a tune-up kit that includes filters, spark plugs and fuel stabilizer to optimize the mower's efficiency. Keep a Craftsman gas can nearby to reduce your trips to the gas station, and install a new dethatching blade on your mower to cut and dethatch the grass at the same time.

Corded dethatchers and manual reel mowers work best for smaller yards with less than an acre. In addition to its compact size, a manual reel mower has no motor, making it a lightweight alternative to a standard push mower. McLane features 4-horsepower reel mowers that provide additional power to cut through thicker grass. Some Remington reel mowers include baggers for collecting grass clippings as you mow. The sharpened steel blades turn as you push the reel mower, and it has an adjustable blade setting for cutting the grass evenly throughout the lawn.

In order to keep your grass trimmed at all times, consider robotic rechargeable mowers. Like an automatic floor vacuum, a robotic mower operates without any assistance. It uses a sensor to work its way around your lawn, cutting the grass as it goes. Robomow features both electric and cordless rechargeable mowers that feature a 3-blade cutting system for keeping your grass short and even. Robotic mowers operate quietly, which means you can mow the lawn early in the morning or late at night without disturbing the neighbors. A robotic rechargeable mower also mulches the grass as it mows, which means you don't have to dethatch the lawn as often.

Use dethatchers to remove thatch and dead weed clumps from your grass. Invest in lawn mower parts such as spark plugs and tune-up kits to improve your mower's performance. Use reel mowers as an eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered mowers, and consider robotic rechargeable mowers to reduce your workload in the yard. Shop Sears online and at the store for even more lawn mowers and accessories for your lawn and garden.


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