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Push mowers make mowing your lawn a cinch

A well-manicured lawn improves a home's general appeal and exterior. To realize this attraction, you must first have a suitable lawnmower for your lawn. Aside from producing efficient results, the right mower can also make mowing an enjoyable experience instead of a laborious venture. Whether you want a basic manual reel mower or a heavyweight gas-powered mover, Sears has an eclectic selection of high quality mowers for your lawn maintenance needs.

When you are shopping for a mower, you should consider the size of your yard, type of terrain, desired features and desired performance. Notably, several types of mowers exist based on fueling method. Manual reel mowers require no gas or electricity. They are quieter, cleaner and greener than gasoline-powered mowers. They are also economical. The only external source of energy is your pushing it, and you can cut a lawn easily using this method. Electric mowers receive power from a socket or from a battery. They are quiet and simple to start up, and they produce no emissions. Gas-powered mowers work well on flat, uneven and thick grass, and they are louder than their reel and electric counterparts.

If you have a small flat lawn, up to one quarter of an acre in size, consider a push mower for your mowing needs. Choosing a mower based on the size of your lawn helps to avoid unnecessary energy use and costs. Push mowers like the Yard-Man 21-Inch 160cc Honda GCV Mulch/Side and the Craftsman High-Wheel Rear Bag Push Mower facilitate the mowing process by giving you more control. The Craftsman model, for example, can navigate corners more intimately than a larger mower. It also attaches to the garden hose for easy cleaning, averting grass backlog for better cutting performance.

If you want a powerful lawn mower that does not require gas, cordless rechargeable mowers are optimal picks. Consider models like the Worx Cordless 14-in 3-in-1 Lawn Mower IntelliCut and the Black & Decker Cordless 19-in 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower. These cordless, electric, battery-powered lawn mowers are eco-friendly and start up easily. They necessitate no oil changes, gas or spark plugs. Because you do not have to yank a start cord, starting this type of mower is gentler on your back. Such mowers can cut up to 10,000 square feet of lawn on one charge. You can enjoy the quiet twirl of the blade early in the morning without waking the neighbors. In addition, unlike gas mowers, these mowers can compact or fold upright for easy storing in small spaces.

If you have a yard with landscaping, trees, fencing or garden decorations, you will need a lawn mower that is agile enough to mow around these items. Zero turn tractors offer superior agility. They maneuver in tight spaces and around objects easily, quickly and efficiently, requiring minimal amounts of room. Models like Craftsman V-Twin Zero-Turn Riding Mower are versatile and rugged. Featuring 11-in. front caster wheels, this unit offers a 0-inch turning radius. This level of precision implies nominal mistakes and absolute control as you navigate around shrubs, lawn ornaments, delicate vegetation, flowerbeds and other impediments in your yard.

Whether you are considering a simple manual reel mower, a cordless rechargeable mower or a gas-powered zero turn tractor for residential or commercial use, you can find the perfect mower at Sears.

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