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Is there anything more convenient than robotic rechargeable mowers for your grass? The answer is a resounding no. Why hire someone to cut the lawn or spend the best part of your Saturday morning doing it when you can program a machine to achieve the same result? Quiet, unobtrusive and guided by a peg system, these mowers can cut up to 11,000 square feet of grass on a single charge. Of course, if you are still holding on to the good old days of Saturday morning gardening sessions, there are electric mowers. Plug in the machines and go. Who knew that doing your yard could be so easy?

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Let robotic rechargeable mowers do the work for you

When you have a robotic rechargeable mower, you can set it up to mow the grass for you. Sears has an inventory of robotic mowers that use sensor technology to guide them through your lawn. The bumpers sense when the mower hits an obstacle, and it reverses course to mow another part of the lawn. A Robomow robotic mower automatically stops turning the blade if the unit tilts on its side. For increased control, some robotic mowers have manual controllers that let you direct them where to cut.

Like robotic mowers, cordless rechargeable mowers don't require gas and oil to operate. Choose a rechargeable mower that has a 48-volt battery for cutting more than a quarter acre on a single charge. Remington rechargeable mowers feature rear baggers for collecting the grass clippings as you mow. Some rechargeable mowers feature cutting systems that discharge and mulch, such as the Black & Decker cordless 3-in-1 electric mower. Since the units run on rechargeable batteries, you save money on oil and gas, and you help to protect the environment from harmful emissions.

Rechargeable mowers work well as alternatives to gas-powered push mowers, and both offer similar power when cutting smaller yards. If you have thicker grass and weeds, a Craftsman 190cc push mower offers the power you need to cut through the brush. Opt for rear-bag push mowers that keep your grass clippings together, and detach the bag easily to dump the clippings elsewhere. You have access to pull-start and push-button starter controls depending on your needs, and some Craftsman models feature high rear wheels that help you maneuver easily over both flat and uneven terrain.

Although robotic and rechargeable mowers get the job done in smaller yards, you require heavier equipment to cut grass on more than an acre or two of land. Yard tractors feature cutting decks up to 57 inches in width, which means you cut more grass in less time. In addition to the large cutting decks, Craftsman yard tractors have powerful Briggs & Stratton engines that provide enough torque to push through thick weeds or haul heavy equipment with an attachment. A yard tractor features a high padded seat for added comfort as you mow, and the speed controls rest at your side for ease of use.

Using a robotic rechargeable mower lets you sit and watch while the mower does the work for you. Cordless rechargeable mowers work best for smaller yards, and yard tractors provide the power you need to cut expansive lawns without much effort on your part. Look for even more name brand lawn mowers and affordable lawn-care accessories when you shop the Sears online inventory.


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