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      Make your porch welcoming with beautiful hanging baskets

      Hanging baskets are some of the easiest and prettiest ways to do your gardening at home. The plants are self-contained and don't have to be planted or nurtured from seedlings. Hanging planters also add color and beauty up high, in places that might not naturally feature beautiful flowers, ferns and vines. Plus, hanging gardens are an easy solution for people with small yards, balconies or concrete patios who still want a beautiful garden despite limitations on space.

      When you choose your hanging plants, you will need to select them based on your space dimensions and color scheme. If you have a small space, that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't have a large hanging planter, but it may mean that you will have to have fewer baskets so that all of your plants can fit. Make sure that you and your guests will still be able to walk underneath or between any hanging planters so that no one has to walk around with dirt in his or her hair. Once you have decided on plant sizing and spacing, then determine what type of plants you would like to hang. Hardy plants do best in limited growth space, so greens such as ferns are a great starter plant for your hanging garden. Flowers can be selected based on color, aromatic appeal or what types of wildlife may be drawn to your porch. You can specifically select flowers that attract butterflies, hummingbirds and yes, even bees.

      Caring for your hanging plants should be relatively easy. Since these plants are hardy, you should be able to care for them with regular watering and maybe a little plant food. Be sure to check the stake for care instructions. Some potted plants may come with nutrient-enriched soil that doesn't require extra fertilizer or plant food. Regularly check for dead leaves, shoots or flower heads so that you can clear out the old growth to make way for the new.

      At the end of the season, bring your plants inside to protect them from the elements, or clean out the pots to make way for next year's hanging plants. As always, keep an eye on weather reports to make sure that your plants are protected from inclement weather. Since many hanging plants are more exposed than garden plants, they may need to be moved to a safe place, which should be easy if you keep a step ladder nearby.

      Fertilizer, step ladders, hanging hooks and potted plants can all be found at Sears, your one-stop shop for all of your gardening needs. A hanging basket display will be a piece of cake when you opt for quality brands at affordable prices. Come in to select from a great variety of floral and plants to choose the right hanging baskets for your outdoor living space.


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