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      Clean up the air and spruce up your home with live house plants

      As you decorate your home, you likely look for the old favorites; candlesticks, framed art and matching throw pillows. While these decorations are nice, an artful piece of living decor might be a more interesting and, in some cases, useful addition to your home collection. Live house plants offer many benefits that go beyond visual appeal. Plants help clean the air in your home, remind you to get a little sunlight and fill you with pride when they are lush and blooming from the care they have received at your hands. Plus, many plants are quite beautiful and can stand alone as statement pieces in any room of the house. If your interests go beyond visual aesthetics, then you may prefer a kitchen full of edible plants, grown to add flavor and spice to your meals.

      If you want to start a collection of live house plants, you have a few options. If you have a green thumb, then purchase your plant seeds and grow your own plants from the beginning. It will be so exciting to watch those first shoots and buds spring out of your pots. If starting with seeds isn't really your style, then opt for some ready-to-transplant nursery plants. These plants have been started for you by the professionals so you don't have to worry about watching a pot to see if your seeds will ever grow. Nursery plants are usually fairly inexpensive and seasonal, which makes it easy for you to switch out your houseplants by the season. Finally, you can opt for a planter, which comes with the plant and pot all in one. A potted houseplant just needs a little water or food; no early cultivation or transplanting necessary.

      The chosen location for your plants will help determine what kinds of plants you should buy. If you are decorating a large entryway or room, you will probably want some larger potted plants to fill all of that space. If you have a small entryway or window space, then some small potted plants may be a better fit. A sunroom or large bay window is a great place to start seedlings and nurture small nursery plants until they are a little bit bigger and hardier. Of course, these spaces are also great for herb gardens, which thrive on sunshine to grow. You can grow kale, mint, basil and even hot peppers in front of a window, which means you won't have to run to the grocery store the next time you need to season your spaghetti sauce or taco meat.

      Growing an in-home garden is easy with Sears, where you will find everything you need to get started. From pots and soil to fertilizer and gardening tools, we have everything you need to nurture and care for any plant. Speaking of plants, we have those too; whether you are looking for succulents, florals or herbs, you will find a great variety of living decorations at a price you can be happy about.


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