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An annual is a plant or flower that completes its entire life cycle in a single growing season. It will come up in the spring, flower throughout the summer, then set seed and die as fall or winter arrives. Many gardeners enjoy annuals for the colors and variety annuals can bring to their gardens, and they can be used for hanging baskets, borders, shaded or full sun areas, or placed in pots. Sears has a wide range of annuals to keep your garden brilliant with color all summer long.

Annuals can be purchased as seeds and started indoors in sterile potting mix. Once the outdoor grounds have sufficiently warmed, eight to 12deep beds may be dug and organic material should be mixed in with the soil as the seedlings are transplanted to the beds. Conversely, the seedlings may also be moved to pots with a high quality potting soil as they get larger and stronger.

You may also purchase annuals as established or flowering plants. Some favorite annuals include colorful coleus, cool weather-friendly pansies, hardy begonias, cheery marigolds, and long-lasting petunias. When annuals are purchased as established plants, they should be planted as directed, in full or partial sun or shade. It is important to follow planting directions in order to obtain the best possible flowering results. A plant that is improperly planted may not thrive and may even die due to over- or underexposure.

When annuals are purchased as plants, they should be carefully selected. Full, healthy plants are preferably, while tall or spindly plants are more likely to have spent a longer time in packs and may be less likely to be healthy. Check the plants over for any signs of disease, including wilting, spots, or insect infestation. Look for firm, white roots. Once you are ready to plant your new annuals, dig a hole no deeper than your new plants and soak the cell packs thoroughly. Roll each root ball to loosen the roots, making it easier for the new plant to integrate with the surrounding soil, and plant, packing the soil loosely around the annual. Finally, water the plant again to limit the risk of root rot.

Annuals can make your garden a brilliant wash of color with poppies and zinnias, or it can be filled with delicately scented verbena. Petunias and pansies can nod their happy heads in fresh summer breezes, or impatiens and geraniums can recall a cozy English cottage garden. Make your garden a reflection of you with Sears' help. Sears has everything you need from annuals and fertilizer to decorations .


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