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Keep your garden in bloom with plant bulbs that come to life year after year

Of all the flowers in your garden, perhaps the most exciting specimens are the ones that return year after year. Eagerly you anticipate the month, week and day that you know they will appear in a rainbow of splendor. Plants that grow from bulbs remain dormant in the winter, seemingly dead. However, when the final frost has passed they spring to life with tiny green shoots that grow into arching leaves and finally, little buds that will bloom in a variety of colors. Plant bulbs must usually be placed into the ground a couple of seasons ahead of blooming season, which means that you will need to plan ahead and possibly do some planting in a little bit of yucky weather. All of that hard work will be rewarded in the spring with a garden that impresses the entire neighborhood.

Most popular bulb varieties bloom in the spring, which means you will see the bulbs in stores in the early fall. These bulbs must be planted several inches into the ground by late fall so they can begin their period of dormancy safely cocooned deep within the dirt. Though these flowers must all be planted by the same time, they typically shoot through the earth and bloom at differing times, ensuring that the colors and varieties will change throughout the spring. Often one of the first signs of spring is the tulip, which is an early bloomer. Tulips are a great bulb to plant because they are hardy and quite colorful. Later in the spring, beautiful lilies and irises adorn gardens everywhere. It is a good idea to plant a variety of bulbs in all corners of your garden so that there are no bare patches throughout the season. Bushes and shrubs, as well as other small year-round plants, can ensure color during the winter when your bulbs are dormant. Alternatively, you can plant annual flowers to liven up the empty space.

If you prefer to grow a garden that gives back, try planting some vegetables that grow based on bulbs. Onions, garlic and turnips are all bulb plants that add flavor and nutrition to your meals. Onions and garlic especially make a great addition to your herb garden, ensuring you never have to run to the store at the last minute for a seasoning. Plus, they are very hardy plants that last multiple seasons, and will help tide you over during the barren winter months. Whether you want to plant bulbs to liven up your cuisine or to add excitement to your garden, Sears can help. We have a wide variety of bulbs for any garden, plus all the additional accessories you need to get started, from hand gardening tools to powerful tillers and cultivators. Check us out today to find lawn and garden supplies to make your garden the perfect outdoor space.


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