Edible Plants

      Grow a garden that gives back with edible plants that will provide food for your table all season long. Start a vegetable garden from plant seeds or grow a fruit vine or tree to provide a bounteous feast and reduce the cost of your grocery bill. Kitchen herb gardens are easy to grow and add an extra boost of flavor to any sauce or marinade. No matter what type of edible plant you choose to grow, you will love that your hard work pays off by providing you with delicious and fresh food. Let Sears help you start the perfect kitchen garden that will make every meal a special one.

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      Go from garden to table with edible plants

      Whether you're a veteran gardener with a green thumb or you just want to try your hand at growing some fresh produce, doing your seed shopping at Sears will ensure you have the widest variety of edible plants to choose from. We offer seeds, bulbs and plants for hundreds of fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs - all of which you can grow in your own back yard or greenhouse. Jazz up your salad or homemade pasta sauce with plenty of varieties of exotic tomatoes, including Tula, roma, black Russian, red cherry, Polish linguisa, rose brandywine and more. Or maybe you want your children to drink fresh-squeezed lemonade from the lemon trees we offer. As the "grow your own" trend becomes popular, more and more people are opting to plant food they know won't be affected by pesticides. Growing edible plants not only makes for a beautiful garden, but it ensures you and your family will eat the healthiest locally grown food available: the food grown in your own back yard.

      Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a water and mineral solution. The method is considered greener and cleaner because it doesn't involve the use of soil. Some advantages to hydroponic planting includes healthier plants, costs savings because soil isn't needed and water can be reused, easier harvesting and better control of pests that can be attracted to plants. As such, it has become popular as a way to home-grow crops that typically tend to be affected by typical fertilizers and pesticides.

      Though you may have never thought yourself able, fruit trees can be a great way to add great landscaping and get the rewards of an edible plant as well. Though some fruits are rather finicky when it comes to climate and space needs, others can be grown in surprising circumstances. For example, many dwarf versions of fruit trees can be grown in as little as 8 feet. The tree is smaller to accommodate tight space. The fruit it produces, however, is regular sized; they simply produce fewer. With a little forethought, you can find a tree that will fit into almost any climate.

      Making sure your edible plants are properly watered when they need to be is crucial when maintaining a garden. Purchasing a sprinkler for your garden or yard is a safe, easy to make sure your fresh fruits and veggies grow healthy and ripe. Sprinklers provide automatic irrigation and maintenance for yards, gardens and green houses. Sears offers a wide variety, including impact sprinklers, underground sprinklers, oscillating sprinklers and more. Sprinklers have different timers and water pressure options, so making sure the sprinklers you choose fits your needs is important. If you plan to go on vacation or simply have a busy schedule, having a sprinkler will allow you to rest assured knowing your plants are hydrated.


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