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      One of the best reasons to plant ground cover is weed-prevention, thanks to the thick vegetation English ivy and other plants provide. Ground cover also helps limit soil erosion. If there's a steep hill on your property, for example, it's easy for heavy rains to wash away the soil, leading to bald spots and creating other problems. Add a little ground cover, and you'll tackle a big problem. Ground cover is also insulation, helping your lawn say cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Ground cover near shrubs can help them retain moisture. The ground cover becomes living mulch, providing organic matter to the soil. Sears carries a number of ground cover plants from which you can choose.

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      Get creative with ground cover for your lawn

      Whether you're looking for the perfect type of grass to plant in your yard or wood chips to make the flowers in your garden stand out, Sears offers a variety of natural and man-made ground cover to choose from. Some of the manmade options we have includes small pebbles and different kinds of mulch, which can be used to cover paths, fill space between shrubs and plants, suppress weeds, retain moisture, keep soil cool or make a garden more attractive. Sears also offers rolls of durable film covering that provides protection from weather, dust and debris. Choosing what kind of ground covering to fit your needs may seem difficult, especially when trying to determine what type of plant or grass to use, but Sears offers enough variety for both veteran gardeners and those simply looking to maintain their yard.

      Ground cover plants can be the perfect way to jazz up your garden, inhibit weeds or aesthetically link together other plants in your yard or garden. Grass isn't always practical in certain situations, which is why Sears offers a variety of these plants. Most ground cover plants require maintenance, just as a traditional grass lawn would, and not all species are right for all landscape situations. The light green leaves of Irish moss might brighten up a dreary yard, but it requires a lot of sunlight to keep it compact. Something hardy such as ajuga, which is a waxy foliage that comes in beautiful shades of blue, is generally more durable because it can be walked on, mowed over or raked through.

      Choosing the perfect lawn flora is no easy feat. The soil, elevation, climate and native weeds all have an impact on what kind of lawn grasses make the best match. Sears offers a variety of traditional seed mixtures, novelty seed mixtures and fake lawn grasses. Have you ever wanted to have the same grass that grows in your favorite baseball park? We sell the same mixture of seed that's planted at Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox, and at Yankee Stadium in New York. In addition to the grass itself, we sell products that will protect your lawn, or bring it back to life after a hard winter.

      And if you're looking to make sure your ground cover plants and lawn grasses stay lush and healthy, finding a yard sprinkler is a necessity. Yard sprinklers provide automatic irrigation and maintenance when you can't be there, or when the area is too vast to water manually. Sprinklers are especially convenient for families with busy schedules, or plants that require water multiple times a day. Sears offers a variety of sprinklers, including impact sprinklers, underground sprinklers and oscillating sprinklers. Some have retractable heads, some have different water patterns and some are designed for aesthetic purposes.


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