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Many people have come to count on Sears to provide vines, flowers and edible plants for a vegetable garden, but do you know we also sell a number of trees? Let us provide you with lemon, lime and orange trees. One popular option is the cocktail tree, which includes a Meyer lemon and Key lime in the same planter. Apartment-dwellers can even grow the shrub-size Meyer lemon tree on a balcony. Gardening is America's No. 1 hobby. Sears knows you enjoy saving money, being one with nature and ensuring your food is organic, so we make sure we provide everything a gardener needs.

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Bring privacy, beauty home with a live tree

Planting a tree is the perfect way to beautify your yard, provide privacy and help the environment. Properly placed live trees can reduce heating and cooling costs by shading the home in the summer; they can also provide a windbreak in the winter. For the environment, trees reduce soil erosion, create oxygen, absorb pollution and provide a home for wildlife. And those wide, shady branches can not only be beautiful to look at from your window, they will also block out unwanted eyes.

Choosing the right kinds of trees to plant depends on the climate in which you live and what you think will look best in your yard. If you live in a warmer climate, fruit trees produce vibrant flowers and supply fresh fruit you and your family can eat. Maybe you want a more traditional green tree in your yard, or maybe you want a shorter, bush-like tree with colorful flowers. Sears has trees and seeds in all different shapes, sizes and shades. Whether you're looking for a small, potted tree to go inside your home or a large tree in your yard that your children can build a tree house in, Sears has all your tree needs.

When you're looking at your plans to install trees in your yard, don't forget your other landscaping options. Bushes and shrubs can, much like trees, provide privacy or spruce up the landscaping of a yard. Few people realize the impact a colorful or perfectly trimmed set of bushes can have on the aesthetics of a home or office building. The variety of shape, sizes and foliage bushes come in can turn a lackluster piece of property into a scenic showplace. Choosing the perfect lawn grasses depends on the soil, elevation, climate, how much sun your lawn gets and native weeds. Sears offers a variety of traditional seed mixtures, novelty seed mixtures and fake lawn grasses. In addition to the grass itself, we sell products that will protect your lawn, or bring it back to life after a hard winter. Different brands have different mixes to cater to your specific lawn, whether it's densely shaded, stepped on a lot or located in an area where there's usually heat and drought.

With all the trees, grasses and bushes you may be planning to plant in your yard, finding a rain barrel that will help you collect rain water saves money and conserves water. Gardeners all over the country are using special barrels from Sears to revive the centuries-old practice of collecting rain and using it for watering plants, washing your car and doing laundry. Most barrels are placed beneath a rain gutter, and have a spigot at the bottom. Sears offers a variety is sizes, shapes and colors to make sure your barrel not only fits your needs, but looks attractive in your yard.


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