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Nursery Plants

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Start your garden instantly with nursery plants that are ready for you

If you want your garden to be in bloom right now, then you might want some plants that have passed the seedling stage and are ready for the season. You can try to grow some seedlings quickly with a hydroponics system or greenhouse, but many new gardeners are nervous about starting plants from seedlings. Buy nursery plants that are already in bloom can be a great way to cut out the waiting time and skip the first few delicate weeks. Nursery plants are nurtured from seedlings in a greenhouse, so you don't have to do the work yourself.

There are many reasons why growing certain plants from seedlings isn't preferable, or even possible. Some nursery plants are large, like trees and shrubs. It can be hard to plan enough space for the full-grown plant that early. Others are annual plants that don't come back from year to year and may be susceptible to early frosts. The greenhouse nurtures and protects these plants until it is time to feature them in your yard or garden.

Flowers and plants grown in a nursery can be prepared for the big season ahead of time, which helps you to take some of the guess work out of buying the right plants for your garden. The rows and rows of mini planters at the store are usually plants that thrive well in your climate and are in season. If you opt for nursery plants, you are giving your garden a great shot at success, since you are only likely to find plants that are in season and will thrive in your yard. Most nursery plants include care instructions printed on a stake so that you will know where to plant them (in the sun or shade) and how to care for them (with lots of water or little water at all).

Large plants such as shrubs, bushes and trees are also great to buy as nurslings. You can always grow these bits of greenery from seeds, but the seedlings are very appealing to rabbits, rodents and deer. You won't have to build protective coverings and fences around your trees when you buy them as nursery plants; they will usually be too tall for the usual destructive pests. Plus, one harsh frost or rough season can kill off fragile seedlings; since these shrubs and bushes are grown in the controlled climate of a nursery greenhouse, you will be able to buy your plant after the tender stages have passed.

Nursery plants can be expensive if you have to drive out to the greenhouse yourself. Luckily, Sears has a great selection of healthy nursery plants ready for you to take home today. Come check out a variety of flowers, fruit plants, vegetable plants, shrubs and trees that are ready and waiting to be transplanted in your garden. No matter what you choose, you know that it will be a quality plant at an affordable price you will love. You are bound to find a plethora of choices that will look perfect in your garden bed and give you the beautiful outdoor space of your dreams.