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Keep your lawn green with a composter

Not all yards are created equal. Soil conditions, geographic location, rocky terrain and climate all have an impact on what kind of plants can grow in our yards, and how well they'll do. While some gardeners may turn to soil amendments and commercial fertilizers to help their plants grow, others are choosing to use composters. These popular tools allow you to store organic material while it breaks down so it can later be used to fertilize plants.

Composting is an easy, organic to make sure your precious plants and grasses flourish. The most popular type of composter is the compost tumbler, a tool that has a barrel-like design with an opening for the organic matter. Heat and moisture play a part in making sure the matter breaks down properly, so occasionally spraying the mix with water will ensure it's working properly. Finding the right composter depends on the size of your garden and the quality of the existing soil. Composters can also be used to store organic material in your yard that you no longer want lying around. Grass clippings, weeds and leaves can be stored in a composter that will eventually turn into rich nutrients for your soil. Sears offers a variety of composters that are easy to use and maintain in different sizes and shapes that will meet all your composting needs.

When looking at the possibility of composting, take into account your landscaping materials. If you have a small yard with few plants, a smaller composter may be all you need. However, if you are an avid gardener who takes time out of each week to trim, chop and prune various pieces in a large garden and backyard, you may need a little more composting firepower.

Once you have composted down your leftovers, look to spreaders a way to distribute your compost. Hand-held spreaders, which are typically lightweight tools, can be used to distribute ice melt, seeds and other materials in compact areas. We also offer large-capacity spreaders that can accommodate larger areas. Whether you are looking for a pushable spreader for a medium-sized lawn or need a lawn tractor-towed accessory to tackle the back 40, Sears can help you find a dependable piece of equipment you can trust.

With a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles, planters can be another helpful tool to help set your yard apart from your neighbor's. Planters, or pots and boxes that hold live plants, can be both functional and decorative. They can stand on their own in the yard, or they can be together with others in a garden or on your board. The right novelty planter, whether it's shaped with a tricycle or a cart, or a simple basket can add color and interest to your yard.

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