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Protect your hands with gardening gloves

It only has to happen once before you learn your lesson. You're walking up the sidewalk toward the front door after checking the mail and notice a weed among the perennials. So you bend down and give it a tug, removing it by the root. Then you spy another one. And another. By the time you're done, you have blisters. Garden gloves aren't just helpful; they're essential. Whether you're pushing wheelbarrows or getting dirty weeding, you need to wear them. Sears carries a number of gloves for many different tasks.

If you need to prune the rose bushes, you'll want to slip on some leather gardening gloves before you start. Leather will protect your hands when dealing with plants with thorns and thistles. If you have a good deal of rose bushes or prickly plants to tend to, find a pair that extends up to your elbows. One option is the Magid Glove Terra Professional Rose Glove. Its puncture-resistant synthetic leather has padded palms and reinforced fingertips, providing strength, durability and comfort. It has an elbow-length gauntlet cuff to help protect your forearms from cuts and scratches. The knuckle guard gives extra protection from thorns. Leather gloves are also great when preparing a wire tomato cage or dealing with any wire or fence material. And, of course, wear them when you're doing a lot of work, such as when using spreaders to distribute fertilizer over the entire garden.

Cotton gloves help keep your hands clean and dry and prevent dirt from getting under your fingernails. They're good for yanking weeds out by the roots. Rubber gardening gloves made specifically for outdoor use are a solid choice if you're working in the mud. They're also great for keeping your hands warm in the spring and fall when the ground is wet and cold. Stretchy garden gloves with cotton on the back and a plastic waterproof material on the fingers and palms can help you get a good grip on tools. They're a multi-tasking must-have. Some even offer UV protection for your hands. All gloves come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you find the right fit.

In addition to gloves, Sears provides other items for gardeners, such as shoes and boots. For example, we offer the waterproof, lightweight and flexible Muck Boot Daily Shoe. It's great for yard work, too. Its stretch-fit binding rests snugly on your ankles, keeping out dirt, water and pebbles. We have boots that come up to your ankle or mid-calf, depending on your need and preference. Sears offers shoes and boots for men and women and in a number of colors. Women will love the various patterns on the garden footwear: hearts, flowers, polka dots, zebra stripes, and leopard and paw prints.

Sears gardening accessories collection doesn't stop there. Shield your eyes and fend off harmful rays with Principle Plastics women's braided wide-brim hat. Protect your knees, too. Midwest kneepads have two Velcro adjustable straps so one size fits most people. The durable fabric provides much-needed padding for gardening or any other do-it-yourself job in awkward positions. Sears combines function and fashion to provide you with the gloves and accessories you need for gardening.

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