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      Let your garden sprayers do your work for you

      Your plants need a few basic things to thrive: sunshine, hydration and food. If your plants are outside, the sunshine should come naturally. If the weather doesn't cooperate, water hoses and irrigation sprinkler pumps can pick up any hydration needs. When it comes to food, garden sprayers can help you fertilize your yard in no time.

      Garden sprayers come in two popular styles: a tank version and a hose version. The first has a tank that attaches to a hose. You can simply walk your lawn, spraying as needed. Or, you can opt for a small handheld version that simply hooks onto your garden hose. No matter what style you choose, you can fertilize your yard with ease this year when you have a sprayer that optimizes your fertilizing solution to immediately reach the roots of your plants for the perfect nourishment.

      To make quick work of a large yard, you will want to opt for a garden sprayer with a large tank attached. These tanks can hold a much more fertilizer and cut the need to run back and forth to the shed for refills. There are many different styles of tank models to fit your needs and abilities. The most portable style of garden sprayer tank simply has a handle on top; you can carry it from garden bed to garden bed having to mess with straps. Of course, those tanks can get heavy, which is why there are rolling and backpack models available as well. Rolling models can hold a greater capacity and take very little effort to move around the yard. However, the tires can leave tracks if the tank is extra heavy or your yard is muddy. It can also be tough to manipulate over rocky or steeply pitched surfaces. A backpack-style model also holds a larger amount of fertilizer and easily straps onto your back for completely hands-free operation. Of course, the size of backpack you choose may depend on the strength of your back and the size of your yard.

      Garden sprayers can be used for more than just fertilization. You can mix many plant-friendly concoctions into your tank. Plant food, weed killer and pesticides are all easy to carry with a sprayer backpack. And the sprayer tanks hold a definite advantage over garden hoses, which can be cumbersome even with hose reels to keep them corralled. Of course, you may want a simple garden hose sprayer attachment for your chemicals if you have a smaller garden or lawn. The smaller attachment is far easier to tote around than a cumbersome tank and automatically mixes the chemical with your hose water as it sprays out. The type of sprayer you choose is totally dependent upon the size and needs of your garden, as well as your own personal preferences. No matter what you choose, you will have to get the fertilizer to match. If you need help selecting your gear and chemicals, Sears is here to help. Check out a wide variety of garden sprayers to fit every person's needs and budget, as well as a variety of fertilizers, plant foods and other chemicals to help any garden grow into a spectacular display of flowers, fruits and ferns.


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