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      Use spreaders to gently and evenly disperse plant-friendly chemicals on your lawn

      Growing season can be a drag, what with all the tilling and mowing involved. However, a healthy green lawn and garden can improve your curb appeal and keep the neighbors envious. One of the simplest ways to promote healthy lawn growth is to give your yard an extra boost with some fertilizer or plant food. While there are many factors that contribute to the health of your lawn and growth of your plant bulbs, fertilizer can take care of a lot of the hard stuff. With formulas available for every type of soil, environment and grass, you can get something perfectly suited to your lawn's specific needs. And once you have the fertilizer, you have to find a way to get it onto your yard, which is where spreaders can help.

      Spreaders are handy tools that look a lot like a stunted wheelbarrow with a hole at the bottom. You simply pour your fertilizer into the bucket and push the spreader around your yard. The fertilizer falls through the hole into a spinning blade that shoots the pellets out in all directions. This evenly spreads the fertilizer in a wide radius, saving you time and ensuring that everything gets an even boost. The alternative is to strap on a pair of gardening gloves and throw the fertilizer around yourself. However, this method results in clumpy growth and sore arms. Spreaders are easy to push by hand, or pull around with an ATV or riding lawn mower.

      Some spreaders will also disperse compost. While you can buy compost for your yard, it is easy to make it yourself in composters that process the dead and live organic matter on your property as well as some scraps from the kitchen. Compost is a great way to feed your garden because it is rich in nutrients and naturally occurring chemicals, costs nothing to make and is very earth friendly. A spreader can help you throw compost over a garden bed or lightly sprinkle your grass to help improve the soil quality below.

      If you prefer liquid fertilizer, plant food or pesticide, a spreader might not totally appeal to you. However, liquid spreaders, also known as sprayers, can help you dispense all of the fertilizer you need from a tank that is pulled by a lawn tractor or carried around by hand or on your back. Sprayers are a great way to hydrate and nourish your plants at the same time. Whether you need a spreader, sprayer or wheelbarrow for your fertilizer, Sears is the right choice for you. With a large variety of fertilizers, plant food, composting materials and dispensing materials, we can help guide you to the perfect nourishment system and delivery method for your garden so you can speed up your yard work and get back to enjoying your fantastic lawn and garden.


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