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Outdoor Tools & Supplies

Dig in with garden tools that help you beautify your outdoor living space

Whether you just bought your first home and want to spruce up the garden or you are starting a garden for the very first time, you will need some garden tools to help get you going. And these aren't your grandmother's tools; modern tools feature stronger metals, ergonomic handles and a variety of style and color options to fit your personality. Let Sears help you get started with some great digging, weeding, planting and tilling tools as well as all sorts of fertilizing and watering accessories to help you get that yard spruced up in no time.

First, you need a set of basic hand tools. A small spade or trowel will help you dig holes for seeds and bulbs. A small rake, cultivator or tiller will help you prepare bite-sized batches of topsoil and provide a good planting environment for shallow seeds. If you want to keep things looking pretty, you'll need a weeder as well, to help yank up that pesky growth. In addition to controlling weed growth, you will want a small set of pruning shears to snip dead leaves, twigs and flowers off of your beloved plants. And of course, don't forget a few tools to make life more comfortable as you're doing all this work. A kneeling mat will keep you comfortable while working in the dirt, gardening gloves will protect your hands from thorns and a wide-brimmed hat will shelter your skin from the sun.

For larger garden projects like planting shrubs and trees, you will want some tools on a bigger scale. A large spade is essential for digging shallow holes; a pointed spade may be easier for novices than a blunt spade, but both work well to get the job done. You may also want a large cultivator rake to help line up seed rows in your vegetable garden or simply loosen a little topsoil. A shovel is good for moving dirt or mulch from one location to another, helping you spread a little extra protection around your trees, bushes and garden. You will also want a lopper to help take care of dead branches and twigs growing from your shrubberies.

To promote growth in your garden, there are a few extras you will want. First and foremost, garden hoses are a necessity. You need to be able to give water to your plants to help nurture seedlings and nourish adult plants when Mother Nature can't be bothered to let loose a little rain. If sprinklers or sprayers aren't your thing, then try an irrigation system, which automatically waters your lawn with the help of some pumps and a little extra plumbing.

Shopping for garden tools is exciting when there are so many options to choose from. Let Sears help you find the perfect combination of tools to work with your garden, whether it is big or small. You will be on your way soon with everything you need to coax a picture-perfect garden out of a simple outdoor space.