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Outdoor Tools & Supplies

Create your own private oasis with outdoor tools from Sears

Outdoor tools help homeowners create the lush lawn of their dreams. Whether raking piles of Autumn leaves or planting a blossoming garden in a greenhouse, Sears has the supplies you need to maintain a beautiful lawn. Take landscaping into your own hands with a selection of high-quality gardening supplies.

Basic lawn care is simple with a collection of outdoor tools. Sweep pathways and sidewalks with a push broom to clear out debris. Gather fallen leaves with a wide rake and scoop into a flexible lawn bag. The result is a tidy lawn that requires minimal effort. Take care of overgrown plants with a few gardening supplies. Trim foliage with pruners or shears and clear small branches with a handsaw. If you want to say goodbye to the push mower forever, you can even pick up rolls of realistic artificial turf for a low-maintenance alternative to a traditional lawn.

Once the yard is prepped and ready, pull out the gardening supplies to create a lush green paradise. Dig into the ground with bulb planters to create a bed of fragrant blossoms and remove weeds with a handheld trowel. A little fertilizer can help new flowers bloom, or make your own nutrient-rich planting material in a rotating composter. From sprayers and spreaders to landscaping materials, Sears has the outdoor tools you need to transform any ordinary lawn into something truly special.