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      Clean up with gas pressure washers

      Gas pressure washers deliver up to 3,800 PSI. This formidable power frequently comes from a Honda motor. Manufacturers you would usually associate with these machines include Craftsman, DeWalt and Power Plus. Invest in these tools to maintain the curb appeal of your home. With the right cleaning solutions and attachments, you can quickly remove oil stains from the driveway and mold discoloration from stucco.

      Since gas-powered pressure washers let you use hot or cold water, you can further boost the cleaning power of your machine. Wet down the side of the house with your five-in-one nozzle, change out the attachment for a sprayer with reservoir and then apply an even coat of mold killer or all-purpose cleaner to the wall. Another quick change of the attachment lets you rinse off the cleaner to reveal a facade that is spic and span, which, of course, greatly increases the overall appearance of your property. These machines also speedily clean grimy truck engines and dirt-encrusted RVs.

      While gas-powered machines are perfect for home use, look to industrial pressure washers when cleaning your commercial properties. Delivering up to 5,000 PSI, these high-power versions of the at-home cleaning machines endure long periods of frequent use. They use the same technology as your home cleaner. Electricity or gasoline powers these engines that deliver powerful streams of water for objects in need of cleaning. Whether you want to clean the side of an apartment building, remove grease from a store parking lot or want to loosen flaking paint from the wall surrounding your business, using the right tool for the job is a definite necessity.

      Amplify the cleaning power of any machine with pressure washer accessories. Wands increase your reach by 18 to 24 feet. Five-in-one nozzles let you adjust the spray of water to gently wet stucco or powerfully scrub pavement. Extension hoses buy you extra space from the water hookup. Cleaning solutions are the allies of your machines. When you combine the enzymatic action of these products with the force of a pressure washer, there is very little grime and detritus that you cannot vanquish.

      As soon as you take your electric pressure washer to areas that are away from outlets, rely on a generator to provide the appliance with the power it needs to operate. To keep the generator running smoothly, invest in generator accessories for periodic maintenance and daily protection. Whether you pick out a vinyl generator cover to keep dust out or buy a wheel kit to enhance the mobility of your generator, having a lot of optional equipment on hand clearly works in your favor. Consider how a quick exchange of the pigtail power cord lets you keep the power washer running when the old cable malfunctions.

      Sears is your one-stop-shop for gas and industrial pressure washers as well as pressure washer and generator accessories. Invest in your cleaning machines today for maximum curb appeal of your home or business. With the right accessories on hand, you further augment the cleaning power of your machines.


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