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      Industrial pressure washers provide power and portability

      From residential to commercial cleaning jobs, industrial pressure washers prove valuable when it comes to removing dirt and grime from exterior walls and parking lots. Sears has name brand pressure washers from Stanley and BE Pressure that offer up to 4,000 PSI and include features such as variable spray and adjustable pressure. Most pressure washers include heavy-duty wands for directing the spray exactly where you need it. Select from AR Blue Clean and Steele Products electric pressure washers with and without chemical injection. Whether you prefer gas or electricity, find an industrial pressure washer for your cleaning chores at Sears.

      Electric pressure washers come in handy when you have an electrical outlet nearby. Even if you lack an outlet, you can power your pressure washer with a Craftsman portable generator. Like most pressure washers, the electric washer features a variable spray nozzle and works with 110- and 220-volt power outlets. You have access to pressure washers that work with cold or hot water and adjustable pressure switching as you clean. Select from Stanley or Craftsman portable or stationary pressure washers with onboard steam cleaners for cleaning carpets and upholstery.

      Gas pressure washers offer power when you don't have access to an electrical outlet. Gas-powered washers operate with diesel, gasoline and natural gas fuel types, and the washers feature up to six outlets for plugging in additional power tools and electrical devices while you work. Most gas-powered pressure washers include two heavy-duty wheels for transporting the units across the job site. Choose Craftsman and Generac pressure washers with aluminum, ceramic-coated, stainless steel and synthetic piston types with and without chemical injection. With 4,000 PSI and over 5 GPM, a gas pressure washer delivers a powerful spray for commercial and residential cleaning jobs.

      Pressure washer accessories improve the way that you clean with your electric and gas pressure washers. Reach farther with a BE Pressure 18-foot economy telescoping wand, and replace a worn-out hose with a new Briggs & Stratton 30-foot replacement hose. Invest in a Briggs & Stratton surface cleaner for breaking up grime without damaging the surfaces. We carry 5-in-1 nozzles and premium spray guns that provide up to 3,800 PSI. You also have access to Project Pro multipurpose cleaner for cleaning vehicles and other dirty surfaces.

      Use industrial pressure washers with over 4,000 PSI for cleaning dirt and grime in commercial environments. Invest in electric pressure washers when you have access to electrical outlets, and opt for gas pressure washers when you need a portable option that contains its own power source. Shop online at Sears for even more affordable pressure washers and accessories for your home or business.


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