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      Pressure Washer Accessories

      A sizable collection of pressure washer accessories makes your machine even more useful. Expertly tackle grime, detritus and difficult-to-remove dirt with telescoping wands, extension hoses and five-in-one nozzles. Keep your gutters clear and your house looking gorgeous. Spray guns with attachable reservoirs let you deliver a house wash that begins working on the stains and spots before you even aim your nozzle. Before long, your home will have stunning curb appeal and stand out in the neighborhood for being well maintained. When you add mildew stain cleaner to the mix, your secret of cleanliness is sure to become the talk at the backyard barbecues.

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      Pressure washer accessories increase efficiency and effectiveness

      Five-in-one nozzles, telescoping wands and replacement hoses are just a few of the pressure washer accessories that you should always have on hand. The wands extend the reach of your pressure washer's 4,000 PSI by some 18 feet to 24 feet. Reach gutters and roofs with ease with this accessory. Nozzles fine-tune the spray of your pressure washer. Are you cleaning vinyl siding or removing oil stains from the driveway? You can use your machine for both activities, but you should rely on a more targeted spray for the oil stains. Failure to differentiate here can result in unwanted damage to your vinyl siding.

      Replacement hoses keep your unit operational even after a mishap or standard wear threatens to shut down your cleaning operations. An extension hose lets you stray farther from the water source than ever before. Do not allow your faucet to limit the extent of your projects. Stucco washes, multi-purpose cleaners and mildew stain removers are the types of pressure washer accessories you cannot do without. These chemicals work in concert with the increased water pressure to dissolve grime, loosen dirt and make mildew stains a thing of the past.

      Campbell Hausfeld, Stanley and Craftsman are just a few of the manufacturers that produce electric pressure washers. These inexpensive machines generate up to about 2,200 PSI. Affordable and easy to operate, electric machines generate enough pressure for many tasks that you perform on a weekly basis. Whether you are hosing down the driveway, washing a grimy truck or keeping mildew on your stucco at bay, this type of pressure washer is an excellent choice for the homeowner.

      Gas pressure washers can provide you with up to 4,000 PSI. DeWalt, Stanley and Generac are common manufacturer names in this product line. Not tethered to an electrical cord, you can go as far as your extension hose will let you. Use these powerful machines to remove flaking paint from your siding, greasy buildup from your truck engine and old mold from the patio area. These machines accept the use of hot or cold water, which further enables you to get rid of stains that previously called for numerous applications of chemicals and repeat cleanings.

      For commercial purposes, only industrial pressure washers will do. Delivering up to 5,000 PSI, these machines operate on electricity, diesel or standard gasoline. Do not bring your home pressure washer to clean the facade of your apartment building or the parking lot of your business. Home machines do not have the power to handle these tasks and may actually slow down your cleaning action. Complement these powerful industrial machines with the right nozzles for added performance.

      Sears carries a sizable selection of pressure washer accessories, electric pressure washers, gas pressure washers and industrial pressure washers. Pick the right appliance for the job today. Do not be afraid to invest in multiple machines that meet your needs at a variety of locations.


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