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Pressure Washers

Add power to outdoor cleaning with a pressure washer from Sears

A pressure washer is designed to take the hard work out of your outdoor cleaning project. While a garden hose is great for watering flowers and light cleaning, a power washer is able to remove hard-to-reach grime and grit with ease. Just attach a hose to the machine and watch the gas or electric motor produce a high-pressure stream that effortlessly cleans sidewalks, siding and vehicles. Find models that are compact and portable enough to carry just about anywhere.

From gas to electric to industrial designs, choose from a wide array of power washers to suit your needs. If you need some extra cleaning power for clearing mold from a musty area, gas-powered washers can deliver over two gallons of water per minute. The long hose and maneuverable wheels make cleaning out gutters and window wells a breeze. Small, electric power washers are ideal for cleaning off the sidewalk after using an edger or trimmer. Many of these machines have precision nozzles can adjust to flush weeds from those tiny cracks and crevices.

Once you've selected a washer, it's important to select proper accessories for an easy cleanup. You'll find soap concentrates, replacement hoses and specialty nozzles to keep your device running smoothly. The power to clean your property is easy with a pressure washer from Sears.