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Cut the lawn easily with tractors from Sears

Lawn tractors have large engines that power through thick underbrush and grass. Sears carries a range of yard tractors from Craftsman and Poulan with wide 57-inch cutting decks for cutting more surface area with each pass. We also have zero-turn tractors available that stop and turn on a dime, providing you with precise control when maneuvering around obstacles. Craftsman garden tractors also feature Turn Tight steering systems to cut closely to landmarks, and the V-twin engines offer enough power to haul additional equipment and supplies with the use of attachments.

As reliable as a lawn tractor seems, it does wear down over time, and the parts degrade with each use. Keep your tractor operating at maximum capacity with new lawn mower parts for the engine and cutting system. Mulch as you mow with a replacement Arnold mulching blade, and prevent slow startups with Craftsman E Series spark plugs. Craftsman air filters prevent dirt and debris from entering the engine parts, and new oil filters ensure the engine runs smoothly on each startup. We also have complete tune-up kits that contain oil and fuel stabilizer for increasing your mower's engine power.

You can get the same power as a lawn tractor when you invest in walk-behind commercial mowers from Craftsman and Stanley. In addition to the DEK's 530cc engine, it offers a 52-inch cutting deck for mowing more grass at a time. Reduce your effort as you work with a Craftsman self-propelled commercial mower. It automatically propels the mower forward, making it easier for you to cut the grass without exerting much effort. Commercial mowers have Briggs & Stratton or Honda engines that power the mower over flat and uneven terrain.

When choosing a lawn mower, consider the size of the cutting deck, the engine's horsepower and your yard's overall area. Wider cutting decks reduce the amount of passes you have to make, and larger engines offer more power for cutting through tall grass. For smaller lawns with minimal growth, a manual reel mower has sharp blades that cut the grass as you move the unit forward. Remington cordless rechargeable mowers prove beneficial if you want an alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers. In addition to self-propelled mowers, we have Robomow robotic rechargeable mowers that operate without any assistance.

Yard tractors provide comfortable padded seats, and some even have cup holders to enhance your mowing experience. Invest in lawn mower parts and accessories like fuel stabilizer and spark plugs to maximize your mower's efficiency. Shop at Sears for a wide selection of professional-duty lawn mowers and affordable lawn-care products for your residential and commercial landscaping.