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      When you are serious about getting your yard work done quickly, garden tractors might just be the machines you are looking for. Large selections of attachments turn the tractors into multi-purpose appliances. They can mow the lawn, dethatch the grass or till the soil. Invest in a model with a tight turn radius to make it gracefully around flowerbeds and other landscape features. Rely on yard tractors for your basic landscaping needs as well some of the extraordinary tasks that you have to do occasionally. Aerate the soil, spread fertilizer or spray for insect control from the comfort of your seat atop the tractor.

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      Riding mowers cut through tall grass with ease

      With wide cutting decks and powerful engines, riding mowers help you cut over two acres without much effort. Sears has a wide selection of heavy-duty riding mowers from Craftsman and Poulan with up to 54-inch cutting decks for cutting more grass at a time. We have riding mowers that operate over both flat and hilly terrain, such as the Craftsman 420cc mower with 7-speed transmission control. A riding mower also has a comfortable padded seat and front headlamps for improved visibility at sunrise and sunset.

      Although a riding mower works well for both large and small yards, push mowers come in handy for lawns with less than a third of an acre and flat terrain. Some Craftsman push mowers have rear baggers for collecting grass clippings and 3-in-1 cutting systems for mulching and side discharging. You have access to both pull-start and push-button starter options when choosing Craftsman and Poulan mowers, and some Craftsman bundles include a push mower and a line trimmer in one. For an eco-friendly option to gas-powered mowers, the Greenworks push mower uses a rechargeable battery to power the unit through your lawn.

      When deciding which riding mower works best for you, consider garden tractors if you want to use attachments while landscaping. Along with wide cutting decks for mowing the lawn, you can attach carts, tillers and other accessories to the back of the tractor. You can even install front-mounted systems for attaching snowplows to the Craftsman hydrostatic garden tractor. Despite the garden tractor's size, it maneuvers easily around trees and other obstacles in the yard. As an example, the Craftsman Turn Tight mower provides better steering control and a tighter turning radius.

      For even tighter maneuverability, consider Craftsman and Stanley zero-turn tractors that also feature 54-inch cutting decks that cover more surface area. Once used for commercial landscaping, zero-turn tractors work just as well for larger residential yards with multiple trees and landscaping marks. While standard riding mowers have steering wheels, the zero-turn riding mower has vertical handles that allow for better maneuverability as you turn corners. Like most riding mowers, zero-turn tractors have high padded seats for comfort and push-button starters for easy operation. Some zero-turn tractors feature roll bars for added safety and headlamps for mowing in the dark.

      You have multiple options when choosing riding mowers for your residential and commercial landscaping. Consider using the push mower for smaller yards or for cutting grass in cramped areas. Use the garden tractor to cut the grass and haul garden equipment, and invest in a zero-turn tractor for increased control while mowing. Shop online at Sears for even more affordable lawn mowers and garden equipment for your landscaping projects.


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