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      Cover more area with yard tractors from Sears

      Yard tractors give you the power you need to cut through taller grass and weeds without slowing you down. Sears has an entire inventory of heavy-duty name brand yard tractors from Craftsman and Snapper with up to 57-inch cutting decks and V-twin Briggs & Stratton motors. Even on a riding mower, cut grass around tight corners with the Craftsman Turn Tight yard tractor. You also have access to tractors with bundle packages that include baggers and mulching kits for handling multiple yard tasks at once.

      Even if you prefer to use a push mower, minimize your workload with self-propelled lawn mowers from Craftsman and Husqvarna. Unlike a standard push mower, the self-propelled mower features a front- or rear-wheel drive option that moves the mower forward without any additional effort on your part. Most Craftsman self-propelled mowers feature rear baggers for collecting the grass clippings as you mow. Other options include key, pull and push-button starters for easy operation. Consider the Craftsman self-propelled mower with its 190cc motor, 22-inch cutting deck and 12-inch wheels for easy maneuverability over uneven terrain.

      If you have trouble choosing between self-propelled mowers or riding mowers, then consider your lawn's total area and grass type. For smaller yards in residential neighborhoods, opt for an electrical self-propelled mower. It works best on fine grasses such as fescue, and it cuts through the grass with minimal noise from the engine. Larger yards require Craftsman riding mowers with wide 47-inch cutting decks for covering more area in the yard. Some riding mowers feature 7-speed shift transmissions that don't require you to stop or use the clutch to increase your speed. You can also invest in riding mower accessories such as baggers or mulching kits to improve your mower's functionality.

      Zero-turn tractors come in handy for mowing around trees and other obstacles that get in your way while cutting the grass. Unlike standard riding mowers, the zero-turn tractor has handles instead of a steering wheel, giving you more freedom of movement and precise turning capability around obstacles. Craftsman zero-turn tractors feature powerful V-twin motors and up to 54-inch cutting decks for covering a large area in less time. You can also attach baggers and mulching kits to your zero-turn tractor for use with residential and commercial landscaping projects.

      A yard tractor gives you the freedom to mow your lawn without having to walk or push a mower back and forth. A self-propelled mower does the pushing for you, but a riding mower gives you a comfortable place to sit and a wide cutting deck for completing the job in less time. Shop at Sears for the biggest selection of heavy-duty mowers and name brand accessories for your lawn and garden.


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