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      Organize your outdoor equipment with deck storage products

      If your outdoor equipment threatens to take over the garage as well as the patio, check out the various deck storage products from Sears that let you get a handle on the clutter. Resin wicker storage trunks bring sophistication and quite a bit of storage space to the party. They can keep your pool supplies, backyard bocce balls and barbecue charcoal out of sight until you are ready to use them. Since the exterior is made of synthetic materials, you can simply hose off these storage trunks and wipe them clean afterwards.

      To add a few more seating options to your backyard, look for deck storage products that double as patio benches or seats. Manufacturers favor resin for these types of products as well because of the easy cleanup. Store your gardening tools and supplies when they are not in use. Add attractive outdoor cushions and pads for a spa-like furniture appearance. Most of these products have a 50-gallon storage capacity and seat two to three people. An attractive back and comfortable armrests camouflage this type of storage device as a piece of patio furniture.

      While you are in the process of beautifying your outdoor living space, do not neglect to add a few deck accessories to your inventory. An outdoor umbrella table screen protects you against ravenous mosquitoes when you enjoy an al fresco dinner by candlelight. Stained glass sun catchers add gorgeous displays of sunlight to the space. They are great conversation starters. A miniature folding greenhouse gets your tomato seedlings started at the corner of the patio.

      If you want to get serious about planting your veggies and flowers this year, add one or more greenhouses to your backyard. Depending on the space that you can apportion to this endeavor, Sears offers greenhouses with a 6-foot by 6-foot footprint or smaller ones that are only about one third in size. The latter model relies on coated steel for the framework and a heavy-duty PVC cover for protection against the elements. Choose a larger greenhouse when you are working with lots of plants or plan on multiple seasonal harvests.

      Finish up your organization of the deck and patio with outdoor storage accessories. For example, tool corner storage racks quickly organize those long-handle garden tools that you cannot store anywhere else. Keep your rake, outdoor broom and shovel neatly organized in a corner. A heavy-duty log cart keeps your firewood for the fire pit or chiminea away from the side of the house. While you do not want to give termites a way to attack your home, you are sure to also appreciate the way that this cart lets you move the firewood when needed.

      Sears carries a wide variety of deck storage products, deck accessories, greenhouses and outdoor storage accessories that let you enjoy an organized backyard. Buy the products that best suit your needs today and enjoy the evening on a clutter-free deck or patio.


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