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      Get a head start on your garden and keep it growing with greenhouses from Sears. Whether small or large, having a greenhouse gives you the perfect climate for growing all of your favorite plants even when the weather outside isn't agreeable. Glass walls and ceilings capture the maximum amount of sunlight and hold heat to give plants the environment they need to thrive. Create an ideal environment for yourself with outdoor canopies that shield picnic tables and lawn furniture from the heat of the day. Together, these structures enhance your yard and make for a thriving outdoor area.

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      Organize your yard with greenhouses and storage products

      Greenhouses come in a wide variety of sizes. One type measures 7 feet by 10 feet and features polycarbonate panels. You add this permanent installation to your backyard in lieu of setting up flowerbeds. A temporary 12-foot by 7-foot model sets up in minutes and features a plastic frame and transparent poly material as cover. It sets up for the season. You can remove it when you finish gardening for the year. These kinds of greenhouses are good choices if you are an avid gardener who routinely enjoys the task of growing vegetable and ornamental plants from seeds.

      If you want to get a head start on the early growing season, choose a cold frame greenhouse. Start growing your spring vegetables in the garage and then move the cold frame outside when it comes time to harden the plants. These portable devices are easy to carry and relocate as needed. A large plant stand with a removable cover doubles as a temporary greenhouse for the vegetable starter plants that you buy from the grocery store. These kinds of greenhouses protect the plants from the elements but are so small that they neatly fit into a corner of the patio or deck.

      Keep your gardening hand tools organized with deck storage products. Examples include resin wicker deck boxes, patio benches with a storage compartment and storage cabinets made specifically for outdoor usage. Benches and seats can double as seating areas when needed. You are sure to love the creative means by which manufacturers disguise the resin material. Some products resemble wicker boxes while others convincingly mimic wood. Cleanup is simple with a garden hose and wet rag.

      Additional outdoor storage accessories include corner shelves that you attach just below the roof of a patio. The shelves hold small items, such as citronella candles or seat covers. Tool hooks and brackets attach to the columns of the patio or deck and let you hang up your long-handle tools. Another storage option for these tools is the corner storage rack that you can use to neatly organize these gardening items that otherwise lean against the wall of the home.

      You can find the ultimate solution for backyard storage in one of the many storage sheds that Sears sells. You can choose from a wide variety of items made of resin, steel or wood. Full-sized storage sheds hold your lawnmower and a large number of bulkier gardening tools. Smaller sheds hold tall items but do not offer enough room for a mower. Opt for the smaller sheds when backyard space is limited and you have some garage storage available.

      Sears carries a sizable assortment of greenhouses, deck storage products, outdoor storage accessories and sheds. Isn't it time to get your backyard organized? Buy a greenhouse for the plants and a variety of storage products for all the tools and supplies that gardening entails. Set it all up this weekend, and start out the week with an uncluttered yard.


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