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      Organize your deck with outdoor storage accessories

      Realizing that one size does not fit all, manufacturers of outdoor storage accessories have added variety to the mix of products they make. There are storage boxes that also function as sturdy benches. Add them to the seating arrangements you have on your deck. Enjoy the convenience and easy access to gardening tools and other stored items. Loft storage shelves add functionality to the otherwise unusable space just below a roofline. These shelves are excellent for storing replacement outdoor cushions or additional seating pads.

      Other accessories improve upon the storage solutions you have already added to your landscape or deck. For example, tool hooks attach to the walls of sheds for the easy storage of long-handled tools that would otherwise clutter the corners of these buildings. Heavy-duty log carts keep your firewood from becoming a messy pile. Neatly stack the logs onto the cart and store it nearby. Have logs on hand whenever you use your patio fire pit.

      When it is time to get serious about patio storage, take stock of the items that make up your clutter. Are you seeing mostly gardening tools? If this is the case, long patio furniture storage boxes are a good solution. They hold tools with long handles, hide bags of soil and also keep your assortment of small hand tools. If the clutter you see mostly contains board games, toys and magazines, take a closer look at storage seats. They double as patio seats but also hold quite a few toys and other sundries.

      If your patio clutter consists of seedlings, starter plants and flowerpots, consider adding one or more greenhouses to your landscape. Integrate larger structures into your backyard for a permanent setup. Smaller structures become temporary greenhouses that hold your seedlings and starter plants until you are ready to transfer them to the flowerbeds. Many of these greenhouses offer some storage for flowerpots, potting soil and hand tools. Small patio plant stands transform into greenhouses with the addition of a poly cover that protects plants from wind and sun.

      Sheds are the most functional storage solution for all types of clutter that encroach on your patio or deck. Sizes vary considerably. Some sheds are so small that you can place them on a deck. These storage solutions are narrow but tall, which makes them good choices for long-handle and tall tools. Other sheds are small buildings that you add to a corner of your yard. They hold several shelves, gardening tools and may also serve as temporary storage for items that do not fit into the garage or basement.

      We carry a wide variety of outdoor storage accessories, patio storage products, greenhouses and sheds. Do not allow clutter to mar your enjoyment of the backyard. Buy the various types of storage solutions that will hold all of your tools and toys. Install them today. By tonight, you will enjoy a clutter-free backyard.


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