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      Control backyard clutter with sheds and other storage

      Made from resin, steel or wood, sheds offer sizable storage options for your backyard. Manufacturers produce these storage solutions with size constraints in mind. The smallest backyard sheds only measure about 10 feet while the larger sizes require the availability of a space measuring about 12 feet by 16 feet. Do not let smaller sizes fool you. With the help of clever storage accessories, you can get at least 205 cubic feet of storage space out of the smaller sheds. On the other hand, the largest sheds yield an average of 2,527 cubic feet of storage space. Outdoor sheds are perfect to store, not only those unmarked boxes from when you first moved, but also large lawn equipment, like riding mowers, and other lawn equipment.

      Choose a shed that blends into the backyard. A patio storage shed is tall and fits neatly into a corner of your patio. There it can hold tall gardening instruments and the broom you use to sweep the patio. A utility shed fits against the back wall of your property and holds your lawnmower and wheelbarrow. A large storage building becomes a focal point in the landscape. You would not be the first homeowner to decorate the area around it with ornamental flowerbeds and a small stone footpath for maximum visual appeal.

      While you are neatly putting away the bulky gardening tools in a shed, consider grouping your outdoor furniture underneath one of the many gazebos that Sears offers. Measuring between 10 feet by 10 feet or 13 feet by 13 feet, these aesthetically pleasing structures provide sun shelter as well as protection against a light rain. Some models come with sheer curtains to keep out mosquitoes at night. Others also feature built-in lights for ambiance after dark. When you group your chaise lounge chairs and bistro set underneath a gazebo, the seating arrangements naturally blend into the landscape as a focal point.

      Rely on the space provided by so many greenhouses to store your potting shed accessories as well as plants. Depending on the size of the greenhouse, there will be ample shelf space to store soil, pots, small gardening hand tools and seeds. Erect a temporary structure if you only intend to raise a few plants from seeds this season. If you anticipate raising plants for a number of seasons, set up a more permanent greenhouse that can withstand rain, wind and snow. For the shortest term solution, consider the movable patio plant stand with the poly cover. It lets you protect a select group of small plants from the elements until they are ready for planting.

      Augment the available storage space of any product with outdoor storage accessories. Tool hooks and brackets keep tools with long handles organized. Corner shelves hold smaller stackable items. Loft storage shelves add usable space to the area just below your shed's roof.

      We carry a wide variety of sheds, gazebos, greenhouses and outdoor storage accessories. There is no need to suffer the ill effects of a cluttered backyard. Buy one or more sheds, add additional storage products and set up everything this afternoon. By the end of the week, you will have finished organizing your backyard.


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