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Sheds & Outdoor Storage

Make extra space with outdoor storage

Outdoor storage provides space for all types of items and comes in handy when you are running out of room in your garage, basement or attic. A shed is a great place to store your lawn tools and patio furniture in the off season. Sears offers outdoor storage sheds in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. These sheds utilize durable material that can withstand exposure to weather extremes. Metal buildings are the sturdiest types while plastic and vinyl sheds are lightweight and easy to relocate. You can also permanently install some types to make a major change to your outdoor decor.

Pool and patio storage allows you to keep your kids' pool toys nearby without cluttering your backyard. No matter how much storage you need, Sears' selection can accommodate all your lawn equipment while complementing your outdoor decor. Our storage options come in a variety of finishes to blend in with any type of backyard design.

Find an outdoor storage solution that fits your family's lifestyle. Whether you're a serious gardener with plenty of gear to organize, or you want to store all kinds of backyard and pool toys, you'll find the perfect shed at Sears.